Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p212


Volume 2, Page 212

the ch. Charles was H. C. 1730; and George was a counc. and mem. of
the Cont. Congr. JOSEPH, Boston, m. 20 Aug. 1660, Elizabeth d. of John
Wakefield. JOSEPH, Charlestown, s. of Edmund, m. 22 May 1666,
Hannah, d. of Rev. John Miller, had Jabesh, b. 12 Dec. 1667, d. in few
days; Susanna, 27 Jan. 1669, bapt. 3 Apr. 1670; Joseph, 15, bapt. 19
Feb. 1671; Stephen, 9 Mar. bapt. 13 Apr. 1673; Nathaniel, bapt. 7
May 1676; Hannah, 30 Aug. bapt. 2 Sept. 1677; Abigail, 23 May
1680; Miller, 28 Feb. bapt. 4 Mar. 1683; and Faith, 9, bapt. 11 Sept.
1687; was constable 1690, but rem. to Billerica, and d. 22 Dec. 1692. NICHOLAS,
Kittery, b. a. 1595, at Tiverton in Devon, came prob. bef. 1632, with w. and two
or three ch. of wh. one was Charles, bef. ment.; ano. Catharine, m. a.
1655, William Leighton, and sec. maj. Joseph Hammond. He had,
prob. b. here John, bef. ment.; Elizabeth wh. m. William Smith; and Nicholas, wh.
was a merch. d. at Limerick in Ireland, Aug. 1673, unm. He
had been in Oct. 1632, very severely sentenced to fines, whip. brand. and
banishm. on penalty of death for return. yet seems to have obtain. great
mitigat. so that we may be tolera. confid. as he did come again within the
jurisdict. that he was less guilty. He had good est. and provid. for ch.
in will of 1660, in wh. w. is not nam. so that we may infer, she was
then d. but this win was set aside; and he d. 20 July 1663. PHILIP,
York, whose f. is unkn. to me, took o. of alleg. 22 Mar. 1681. SAMUEL,
Billerica, prob. s. of Edmund, had Thomas, Joseph, and perhaps sev.
others, was freem. 1678. His first w. was Mary Cole, m. 12 Oct. 1663;
sec. w. was Elizabeth d. of Rev. John Miller. THOMAS, Sudbury, m. 12 Nov. 1678, Mary,
wid. of John Goodridge, d. of Matthew Gibbs, had Thomas, b. 23 Aug. 1679; John, 14
Sept. 1684; Samuel, 23 Nov. 1686; and Mary, 8 Nov. 1690, d. at 3 mos. His w. d.
6 Jan. 1691; and he m. 9 July foll. Hannah Johnson, by wh. he had
Sarah. This w. d. 3 May 1712; and he m. 22 Dec. 1712, Sarah Singletary. His
will of 1717 was pro. 1724. WILLIAM, Fairfield, came from
Nottingham, Eng. says Lechford in "Plain Dealing," a. 1646. His will,
of 6 Jan. in that yr. print. in Trumbull's Col. Rec. I. 465, names s. Daniel,
and Abraham; ds. Elizabeth w. of John Grey, Mary Riley, and Lydia, w. of
Henry Grey, and her ch. Mary, and Jacob; speaks of his est. in Eng.
wh. he devis. to M. Riley, and her ch. and of sev. Frosts and
Greys. WILLIAM, Salem, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 31 July 1677.
Nine of this name had, in 1838, been gr. at Harv. and eight at
the other N. E. coll.

    FROTHINGHAM, NATHANIEL, Charlestown, s. of William, m. 6
Feb. 1668, Mary Hett, d. of Thomas, had Mary, b. 25 Sept. 1668, bapt. 29
Jan. 1671, d. young; Nathaniel, 16 Apr. 1670, d. soon; Nathaniel,
again, 2, bapt. 9 July 1671; Hannah, 26 Nov. bapt. 28 Dec. 1673, a.
young; Thomas, 2, bapt 5 Dec. 1675; Joseph, 31 Oct. bapt. 11 Nov.
1677; Benjamin, 26 Dec. 1679, bapt. 15 May 1680; Mary, again, 14,