Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p15


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Volume 2, Page 15

London, I find not. His wid. m. Hon. Jonathan Tyng. HUMPHREY, Hartford, s.
of the preced. d. 1718. Hinman, 128, confus. f. and s. but on p. 206 correct.
hims. in part; yet in the Richards connex. 228, again mistakes both f. and s.
as well as mo. and d. JOHN, Boston, freem. 25 May 1636, a supporter of
Wheelwright and Mrs. Hutchinson, punish. therefor. Winth I. 248. I presume he
is the man adm. of the ch. in Jan. bef. but the Elder wrote the name Davisse,
and call. him joiner. Most of the names Davie or Davy, Davies, or Davis are
convertible. He may have gone to Duxbury where one of this name sold est.
1650. JOHN, Boston, eldest s. of Humphrey, m. Elizabeth d. of James Richards of
Hartford, rem. to New London, where Rev. Gurdon Saltonstall, wh. m. her sis.
Jerusha, bapt. his ch. Mary, 4 Feb. 1694; Sarah, 30 Nov. 1695; John, 8 Sept.
1700; and Humphrey, 31 May 1702. Beside these he had one s. and one d. but
whether earlier, later, or one were intermediate was not kn. to me by most
careful scrutiny of rec. at New London perform. by Miss Caulkins; yet happily
Davie bec. town clk. of Groton, when it was incorp. 1704, and in his own
writing is this list of his ch.; Mary, b. 30 June 1693; Sarah, 21 Oct. 1695;
Elizabeth 17 Mar. 1698; John, 27 July 1700; Humphrey, 12 Apr. 1702; and William,
22 Mar. 1706. His resid. had been in that part of New London, for he says,"all
b. in the town now call. Groton." He own. ho. with 2 and 1/2 acres on
Beacon hill in Boston, and part of a powder-mill at Dorchester. He was
collector of taxes 1694, selectman 1696, was styled yeoman 1699. In 1704 he
was active in promot. incorp. of E. part of New London, as Groton. He liv.
there. When he bec. heir to the est. and succeed. to the title of his gr.f.
Sir John, he left his concerns to the managem. of his br.-in-law, then bec.
Gov. of Conn. wh. describes hims. "Attorney to Sir John Davie of Creedy, Co.
Devon, within the kingd. of Eng. Baronet." Hinman, 228, says his w. Elizabeth was
in 1709, w. of Jonathan Taylor; but some doubt is felt about this. SAMUEL,
Boston 1668. A wid. Mary of Charlestown had there bapt. William, aged 13, on
11 Aug. 1689.
    DAVIS, or DAVIES, ANDREW, New London, perhaps s. of John of
that town, m. bef. 1684, Mary, d. of Thomas Bayley, left descend. ANTHONY,
Boston, d. June 1674, leav. w. Elizabeth BARNABY, Charlestown 1636, or after, came
in the Blessing, 1635, aged 36, d. 27 Nov. 1685, aged a 86. Frothingham, 152,
has his name 1668 at div. of wood and commons on Mistick side; and p. 183, has
Barnaby jr. prob. his s. b. a. 1638, in the list of householders 1678. Other ch. were
Nathaniel, Hopewell, James, Samuel, and Patience, wh. m. William Ridland.
* BENJAMIN, Boston 1670, s. of William, merch. a major, ar. co. 1673, m. Sarah, d. of
James Richards of Hartford, freem. 1690, was one of the founders of Brattle st. ch.;
d. 26 Nov. 1704. CORNELIUS, Newbury, s. of John of N. by w. Sarah had Samuel,