Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p14


Volume 2, Page 14

next mo. when his friend Endicot cut out the red cross in the national banner,
in admiration of wh. rashness he gave a d. b. that yr. her name, Truecross;
lieut., with a happier spirit when he was, 1636, wound. in the Pequot expedit.
rep. 1637, and that yr. direct. to receive the arms from Wheelwright's
friends; ar. co. 1639; rem. 1642, to Boston, and was appoint. capt. of the
castle, where he was k. by lightning, 15 July 1665. His w. was Elizabeth and ch.
Nathaniel; Truecross, b. 1634, or more prob. 5; Experience, bapt. 27 Aug.
1637; and John, 19 Sept. 1641, all at Salem, but the rec. of the ch. being for
the earliest yrs. lost, the bapt. of the oldest ch. is not kn.; and at B. he
had Samuel, bapt. 28 June 1646; Sarah, 30 Sept. 1649; Elizabeth 13 Sept. 1652; and
William, b. 11 May 1656, bapt. 7 days old. His wid. d. 24 June 1678. Truecross
m. 10 Nov. 1654, Stephen Minot; and Elizabeth m. Asaph Eliot. William was a serj.
in Phips's Quebec expedit. but whether he was m. is unkn. and he d. soon after
reach. home. Prince, Ann. I. 174. Johnson, W. W. P. THOMAS, Dorchester 1640,
freem. 18 May 1642, perhaps liv. 1660 at Cambridge, d. 9 Nov. 1685, leav. w.
Mary, wh. d. 4 Oct. 1691; had Sarah, b. 28 Dec. 1643; Thomas, wh. was k. in
Philip's war 19 Dec. 1675, in Johnson's comp.; Mary, bapt. 21 Jan. 1649;
Charles; Mehitable, b. 14 Feb. 1657; Jonathan, 6 Mar. 1659; Ebenezer, 26 Apr.
1661; and John, bapt. 20 Nov. 1664. Mary, m. Samuel Maxfield. Oft. in early
rec. inexperienc. readers will be misled by find. this name as Danfort, or
Damport. WILLIAM Hartford, s. of Humphrey, left by his f. to care of Capt.
Thomas Watts, was a carpenter, had w. Elizabeth wh. a. 19 Feb. 1697, aged 27.
Five of this name had been gr. 1834 at Harv. and eight at the other N. E.

    DAVID, JOHN, Boston, kn. to me only as witness to the will of Maj.
Holmes, Nov. 1649.

    DAVIDS, SAMUEL, Boston, heard of only in May 1663, as apprais. on est.
of Robert Lincoln.

    DAVIE, EDMUND, H. C. 1674, of wh. we kn. nothing, but what the coll.
catal. of 1698 tells, that he had tak. his M. D. at Padua, and was then d.
Unsatisfact. conject. may suppose that he was younger br. of Humphrey.
GEORGE, Sheepscot, near Wiscasset, as early as 1653, wound. by Ind. 1676.
Sullivan, 148, 293. * HUMPHREY, Boston, merch. s. of Sir John, wh. had been
creat. a baronet 9 Sept. 1641, came from London 1662, possib. to encourage
Rev. James Allen, freem. 1665, ar. co. 1665, rep. for Billerica, bec. he had
est. there 1665-9, for Woburn 1678, prob. on equal reason, an Assist. 1679-
86; m. as sec. or third w. Sarah, wid. of James Richards of Hartford, wh. had
left large est. that caus. his rem. thither; had by her Humphrey, and William,
and d. 18 Feb. 1689. By former w. he had John, H. C. 1681, but whether she
came with him from