Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p123

Volume 2, Page 123

first Chart. gov. d. soon after coming and she had, it is believ. no ch.;
and he m. 18 Aug. 1630. Elizabeth Gibson (from Cambridge in Eng. says the fam.
geneal.) had John, b. a. 1632; and Zerubbabel, a. 1635. He and his descend.
to the fourth generat. wrote the sec. syl. with e, but the i has prevail.
since. JOHN, Boston, s. of the preced. m. 9 Nov. 1653, Elizabeth d. of Jeremiah
Howchin, had no ch. d. 1668. His will of 27 Jan. was pro. four wks. after.
His wid. m. the same yr. Rev. James Allen. WILLIAM, Boston, mariner, in
his will of 23 Apr. 1690, pro. 26 Jan. 1692, he gave personal tools to his
s.-in-law John Bell, and resid. of est. to w. Joanna. WILLIAM, Boston, by w.
Elizabeth had William, b. 25 Sept. 1686; Elizabeth 26 July 1690, d. young; John, 23
Dec. 1693; Elizabeth 2 Jan. 1699; Benjamin, 10 Apr. 1702, d. young; Lydia, 19 June
1703, d. soon; Lydia, again, 17 July 1704; Sarah, 21 Aug. 1705, d. soon;
Sarah, again, 6 Nov. 1706; and Benjamin, again, 17 Feb. 1709. Often this
man's name begins with I, and the births, 1702 and 3, are insert. under
both letters in the rec. but bef. always have E, and after, I, but not
both. ZERUBBABEL, Salem, s. of the gov. a physician, freem. 1665, by w.
Mary wh. d. 1677, had Elizabeth wh. d. 8 Sept. 1658; Elizabeth again, b. 12 Apr.
1661, d. soon; Zerubbabel, 11 Apr. 1662, d. soon; John; Samuel; and
Zerubbabel again, b. 14 Feb. 1665, both bapt. 19 Sept. 1666;
Benjamin, 21 Aug. 1667; Mary; Joseph, 17 July 1672;
Sarah; Elizabeth; Hannah; and Mehitable. He agreed to m. the same yr. of his
w.'s d. (as in Geneal. Reg. VI. 252, is found by Coffin) Elizabeth Kimball, but, it
seems, with or without reasona. excuse, took for 2d w. Elizabeth wid. of Rev.
Antipas Newman, d. of Gov. John Winthrop of Conn. He sometimes resid. at
Topsfield on the ancestr. est. but the farm, on wh. he and his f. had most
expend. their affect. was in that part of S. now Danvers, call. by the gov.
the Orchard, still cultiv. by his descend. He d. 1684.

    ENDILL, MICHAEL, Isle of Shoals, was gr. jur. at Court in York 1659.

    ENGLAND, JOHN, New Haven 1647, rem. to Branford, d. 1655, leav. wid.
but no ch. Prob. ano. of this name in one of the Planta. of Providence had
d. Ellen, wh. m. 27 July 1665, Jeremiah Wescott.

    ENGLE, BERNARD, Boston 1664, husbandman. JAMES, Boston 1662,
mariner. Perhaps it has bec. Inglee.

    ENGLISH or ENGLES, CLEMENT, Salem, m. 27 Aug,. 1667, Mary, d. of
Richard Waters, had Mary, b. 18 Feb. 1669; Eliz. 19 Feb. 1671; Joseph, 12
Mar. 1673; Benjamin, 19 Oct. 1676; Abigail, 6 Dec. 1680, d. at 17 yrs.; and
Clement, posthum. 7 Mar. 1683. The f. d. 23 Dec. bef. JAMES, Boston, m. 7
Jan. 1658, perhaps as sec. w. Joanna, d. of John Farnum, wh. was not 14
yrs. old. We kn. too little of him to affirm or deny that he was d. 14 Mar.
1698; freem. 1691; or that he may be the man in last parag. MAUDETT,
Boston, by w. Jane had