Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p105


Volume 2, Page 105

Jan. 1709; Nathaniel, 4 Feb. 1711, H. C. 1728; Edward, 4 Jan. 1713, H. C. 1733;
Hannah, 30 Jan. 1715; Mary, 13 May 1716; North, 28 Sept. 1718; and Ann, 16
Oct. 1721. He partook in the Whitfield controv. 1745, and d. 25 Aug. 1750;
and his wid. d. 2 May 1754. RICHARD, Boston, d. 29 Oct. 1639, prob. without
w. or ch. His will, the first in first vol. of rec. names br. John in Eng.
and refers to three brs. and a sis. as residuary legatees. But it has
been argu. with much plausibility, that the testator's name was Hills.
See Geneal. Reg. II. 218. * SAMUEL, Milford, prob. s. of John, m. 1 Aug. 1663,
Ann, d. of Rev. Robert Lenthall of Newport, had Samuel, b. 1 June 1664, d.
soon; John, 3 July 1665, d. young; Samuel, again, 2 Sept. 1666; John, again,
a. 1668; these two bapt. 1670; Mary, 18 Feb. 1671; Robert, 4 Dec. 1672, d.
young; Robert, again, 25 Jan. 1675; Nathaniel, bef. ment. 26 Nov. 1677, or
next mo. H. C. 1699, and perhaps others, but had a sec. w. Sarah, wid. of
Joseph Peck; yet I kn. not wh. she was. He was a milit. officer, in Philip's
War, and after was at Fairfield in 1687; but sett. at Hingham, of which he
was rep. 1705 and 6, d. 1709. His wid. d. at Scituate at the ho. of his s.
1711. Deane says, his d. Ann m. 1704, Thomas Wilder; and Elizabeth m. 1710,
John Stowell, both of H. Hinman, 277, has a great amount of matter on this
name, but it is difficult to put it in order. Eleven of this name had in
1829 been at Harv. Yale, and Williams Coll. of wh. ten were clerg.

    EGER or EAGER, JONATHAN, Salem, m. 27 June 1661, Rebecca,
d. of Richard Hyle, had Hannah, b. 27 July 1662; and Jonathan, 25 Jan.
1665. WILLIAM Cambridge, by w. Ruth wh. d. 6 Jan. 1680, aged 39, had
Zerubabel, b. 8 June 1672; Martha, 26 Nov. 1674; Ruth, 1 Feb. 1677; and
Sarah, 25 June 1679. He m. 13 Apr. 1680, Lydia (tho. the rec. has Esther),
wid. of Arthur Cole, rem. to Marlborough, after hav. Margaret, b. 25 May
1681, there had sev. more; but as William; Zechary; Abraham; James, 1685;
Jacob; Mercy; Lydia; and Esther, nam. in his will of Dec. 1687, as well as
Zerubabel, Ruth, Sarah and Margaret, seem too large a number for the
sec. w. for whose promise of another also provis. is made, one must
suppose, that two or three beside those rec. at C. were b. of first w. at
some other town. The will was pro. 17 June 1690. Abraham, James,
Zechary, and Zerubabel had fam. in Marlborough, the last hav. m. 1697,
Hannah Kerley; Abraham had w. Lydia; and Zechary, Elizabeth Prob. this is now

    EGGINGTON, JEREMIAH, Boston, m. 12 Oct. 1655, Elizabeth d. of Rev. John
, wh. d. 81 Aug. 1656, had Elizabeth b. 15 of the same mo. wh. prob. d.
soon. He, I suppose, rem.

    EGGLESTON, BAGOT, BIGOD, BIGOT or BEGAT, with sundry other variat.
Dorchester, came, prob. in the Mary and John, ask. adm. 19 Oct. 1630 and
was rec. as freem. 18 May foll. rem. with first sett. to Windsor, d. 1 Sept.
1674, "near 100 yrs. old," says extrav. tradit. leav.