Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p83

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Volume 1, Page 83

nobody informs us, at wh. of the Univ. he was bred, or of wh. parish he
had taught. Hubbard, 200, may not be taken for authority as to his
coming, in the Angel Gabriel (if so he meant to be understood), for he was
arr. at Boston the day bef. the Angel Gabriel weighed her anchor below
Bristol. Thacher, as in the rec. bef. cited, was by our Gen. Ct. made
admor. and in his inv. as well as the appoint. the dec. is named Joseph.
One wh. reads with appreciative skill the authentic Narrative will disregard
the acco. in the Magnalia, nor wonder, why the most heedless of authors
call. him John. MATTHEW, Charlestown, mariner, had w. Ann,
and s. John, to wh. by his will of 20 Apr. 1642, being then at London,
pro. 13 of next Apr. he devis. his 400 acres of ld. at C. ROBERT, Dedham,
perhaps s. of William of the same, was the freem. of 1690, I think, spelt Awry
in the invalua. list of Mr. Paige, Geneal. Reg. III. m. 13 Apr. 1676, Eliz. d. of
Job Lane, had Eliz. b. 21 Dec. 1677; Rachel, 1 Sept. 1679; Robert, 28 Nov.
1681; John, 26 Feb. 1685 or 4 Feb. 1686; H. C. 1706; Jonathan, 20 Jan.
1695; and Abigail, 8 May 1699; and he d. 4 Oct. 1722. SAMUEL, New
London, youngest s. of James the first, liv. on that side made Groton, of
wh. town he was first officer, 1705. THOMAS, Salem, came in the John
and Mary, was a blacksmith, and freem. 28 Dec. 1643. THOMAS, New
London, s. of James the first, m. Ann, d. of Benjamin Shapley. *║WILLIAM,
Dedham, a physician, or apothecary, prob. both, ar. co. 1654, had
William, b. a. 1646; Mary; Robert, a. 1649; Jonathan, 26 May 1653;
Rachel; Hannah, 27 Sept. 1660; and Ebenezer; 24 Nov. 1663, wh.
prob. d. young, as he is not nam. in the will of his f. 15 Oct. 1683. He
was a lieut. 1673, of the town's comp. and freem. 1677; possib. the bookseller,
ment. by Thomas, in his Hist. II. 411, certain. the rep. for Springfield
1669, and he d. at Boston 18 Mar. 1687, aged a. 65. His w. Margaret
had d. 28 Sept. 1678. Of the ds. Mary m. 5 Nov. 1666, James
Tisdale; Rachel m. 22 May 1676, William Sumner; and Hannah m. the
same day, Benjamin Dyer. WILLIAM, Dedham, s. of the preced. had, by
w. Mary, d. of Job Lane of Malden, Mary, b. 21 Aug. 1674; Sarah,
9 Oct. 1675; William, 21 Mar. 1678; and Hannah, 7 Jan. 1680; and
his w. d. 11 Oct. 1681, aged 29. He m. 29 Aug. 1682, Eliz. White, had
Samuel, 15 May 1683; Eliz. 16 May 1684; John, 26 Dec. 1685; Joseph,
9 Apr. 1687, H. C. 1706; and Deborah, 5 May 1689. This w. d.
3 Oct. 1690, and he m. 25 Aug. 1698, wid. Mehitable Worden, relict of
Samuel, a d. of Gov. Thomas Hinckley, and d. 15 Dec. 1708. In the
Coll. Catal. it may be seen, that the first two of this name are not rank.
by seniority, or by date of ordin. (both being, min. John of Truro, the
first there, ord. Nov. 1711, and Joseph, also the first of Norton, ord. 26
Oct. 1714), or by alphabet. priority, wh. may, no doubt, be explain. by
regard to the rules that of old regulat. the assignment of places.

    AVIS, JOHN, Boston 1679, banish. from the Col. that yr. with sev. others,
on suspicion of hav. set the terrible fire of that yr. He had serv.