Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p80

Volume 1, Page 80

went back to F. 1719. He left wid. Elizabeth and ch. Samuel, John, Ebenezer,
Thomas, David, Sarah, and Abigail, of wh. descend. are found in the
vicin. to this day. Gradual change occurs in his name to Gustan, or
Gustin, and is justif. by his own writ. but the wild perversity of a scrivener
had pleasure in turning him into Augustine John. See Suff. Deeds,
X. 131, and Willis, I. 161, 210.

    AULT, sometime writ. OLT, JOHN, Portsmouth 1631, sent out by Mason,
the royal propr. liv. at Dover 1648 to 1657, in wh. yr. he was 73 yrs. old,
and was liv. 1679. By w. Remembrance he had John; Remembrance,
wh. m. John Rand; and Rebecca wh. m. Thomas Edgelly.

    AUSTIN, ANTHONY, Rowley, freem. 1669, had Richard, b. 22 Sept. 1666;
Anthony, 7 Dec. 1668; John, 22 Oct. 1672; rem. to Suffield, there had Nathaniel,
20 May 1678; Elizabeth 1681, d. young; Elizabeth again; 20 Apr. 1684; Esther, 11 Jan.
1686; and d. 29 Aug. 1708, his w. hav. d. ten yrs. bef. Descend. are num. DAVID,
New Haven, s. of John, by w. Abigail had Abigail, b. 5 Apr. 1699; David, 2O Oct.
1703; Stephen, 1 Jan. 1705; Jonathan, 27 Apr. 1708; Mercy, 1710; and Lydia.
EBENEZER, Charlestown, s. of the sec. Richard, m. 8 July 1685, wid.
Thankful Benjamin, had Sarah, b. 24 Oct. foll. if no error be in the rec.
Eliz. 26 Apr. 1687; and his w. d. 4 Mar. 1691. He m. 27 Jan. 1692,
Rebecca, d. of Samuel Sprague of Malden, had Benjamin, 24 Feb. 1697;
Rebecca, 8 Feb. 1700; both prob. d. young; Ebenezer, 21 Jan. 1704;
John, 15 May 1706; Nathaniel, 3 Feb. 1708; Timothy, 16 Dec. 1710,
prob. d. young; Rebecca, again, 21 Aug. 1715; Benjamin, again, 9 Mar.
1717; Timothy, again; and Samuel, 6 May 1721; and d. 16 Jan. 1723.
From this last Benjamin, wh. m. 9 Dec. 1742 Eliz. Waldo, came Hon.
Jonathan L. b. 22 Dec. 1747, H. C. 1766, wh. was f. of Hon. James T.
late Atty. Gen. of Mass. H. C. 1802; and Hon. Benjamin, b. 18 Nov.
1752, long a promin. politician. FRANCIS, Dedham, whence he rem. to
Hampton 1640, there had, by w. Isabella, both Jemima, and Sophia, bapt.
24 Jan 1641; but I kn. no more. JOHN, New London 1647, rem. after
1651, to Greenwich, next in few yrs. to Stamford, there d. 25 Aug. 1657,
leav. wid. Catharine, s. Samuel wh. d. soon after his f. d. Elizabeth wh. m. a.
1670, Joseph Finch; and perhaps John, wh. was a landholder 1687-1701
both in G. and S. JOHN, New Haven, m. 5 Nov. 1667, Mercy, d. of the
first David Atwater, had John, b. 23 Apr. 1669, d. at six yrs.; David,
23 Feb. 1671, bef. ment.; Joshua, 3 Sept. 1673; Mary; John, and Hannah,
tw. 14 Oct. 1677; Mercy, 17 Apr. 1680, d. young; a s. 5 Apr. 1683,
d. soon; and his w. d. nine days after. He m. 21 Jan. 1685, Elizabeth Brackett,
and had Sarah, 23 Jan. 1686; and Elizabeth 1687. In 1675,a wid.
Joan Jones, perhaps near relat. gave him very good est. and he d. 1690;
and his wid. was d. 1695. JOHN, Scarborough, wh. m. a d. of Andrew
Alger, is more common. call. Ashton, wh. see, also Southgate, 82. A