Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p6


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Volume 1, Page 6

2 yrs. Ezra, 7 July 1689; George, again, 22 Dec. 1691, d. soon; Nathan,
10 Dec. 1692; James, 12 Feb. 1695; Paul, 28 Mar. 1697;
Philip, 3 Apr. 1699; Hannah, a Apr. 1701; Caleb, 1704; and Zebadiah,
1706. His. w. d. Dec. 1712, and he d. 24 Oct. foll. From the
Abbots' Geneal. Reg. pub. 1847, great assist. has been obt. and in it very
few errors been detect.

    ABBY, ABBEY or ABBEE, JOHN, Salem 1637, when gr. of ld. was
made to him, of Reading later, and freem. 1685, then call. sen. so that
perhaps he had s. of the same name, and very prob. is it, that he had
others. JOHN, Wenham, an early sett. d. late in life, 1700, leav. wid.
, and ch. Richard, b. 9 Feb. 1683; prob. others. OBADIAH
Enfield, 1682, m. Sarah, wid. of Joseph Warriner, to wh. she was sec. w.
had no ch. to be nam. in his will, 1752, the yr. he d. SAMUEL, Wenham,
perhaps br. of John of the same, d. 1698. leav. wid. Mary, and ch.
Mary, aged 25; Samuel, 23; Thomas, 20; Eleazer, 18; Ebenezer, 16;
Mercy, 14; Sarah, 13; Hepzibah, 10; Abigail, 8; John, 7; Benjamin,
6; and Jonathan, 2. His wid. m. Abraham Mitchell. He was of Salem
vill. now Danvers, when adm. freem. 1690. Only the youngest ch. was
b. at W. and some discrepance. from the pro. rec. as to the ages of most
of the ch. is furnish. me (by Mr. Felt) in the rec. of b. as that Ebenezer
was b. 31 July 1683 ; Mary, 1 Mar. 1685 ; Sarah, 6 July 1686; Hepzibah,
14 Feb. 1689; Abigail, 19 Nov. 1690; John, 4 June 1692; and
Benjamin, 4 June 1694. THOMAS, Enfield, perhaps br. of Obadiah, had
Sarah, b. 31 Mar. 1684; Thomas, 1686; Mary, 3 Feb. 1689, wh. d. bef.
her f. and John 1692; beside Tabitha. He d. 1728, leav. w. Sarah, and
in his will of Dec. 1720, she and the two s. are nam. as also two ds.
call. Sarah Geer and Abigail Warner. His s. Thomas had s. Obadiah,
and Thomas; and John had John, Thomas, Daniel, and Richard; but
prob. no ought here to be ins.

    ABEY, MATTHEW, Boston, came in the Abigail, 1635, from London,
was a fisherman; by w. Tabitha, d. of Robert Reynolds of B. wh. d.
1661, had Mary, b. 24 May 1648; and Tabitha, 24 Nov. 1652; beside
Matthew, nam. in the will of his gr.f. R. He next m. 24 May 1662,
Alice Cox, perhaps d. of Moses of Hampton. His s. foll. the same trade,
was so poor, that the petty bequests in his will are hardly to be thot. unfairly
caricatur. in the humorous poem by Rev. John Seccombe, with the
title of Father Abby's will, of wh. in the admirdb. Cyclopedia of Amer.
Literature, by Duyckincks, Vol. I. 126, is extract.

    ABELL, BENJAMIN, Norwich, 1670. CALEB, Dedham, 1665, may
have been s. of the preced. rem. 1668, to Norwich, there m. July 1669
Margaret, prob. d. of John Post of Saybrook, had a d. b. 1671, d. soon,
Samuel, Oct. 1672; Experience, Dec. 1674; Caleb, Apr. 1677; John,