Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p51

Volume 1, Page 51

freem. 13 May1640, of wh. no more is heard. JOHN, Boston 1647, shipwright,
permit. in 1652 to build a wharf, m. 3 Jan. 1655, I suppose for sec. w. Mary
Hodges of Charlestown (a former w. Jane hav. d. 4 May preced. and his
s. Samuel, prob. inf. d. 10 July foll.), by her had Joanna, b. 25 Dec. foll.
and Ann, 5 May 1657; and he d. 28 Sept. 1677. We learn from his
will of 3 days preced. pro. 31 Oct. foll. that he had elder ch. as Emma,
wh. m. 17 July 1655, John Brackenbury, afterwards m. Joseph Lynde,
and d. 2 Sept. 1703; Catharine, wh. m. 19 July 1635, John Phillips, and
d. 24 Feb. 1699; Mary, uh. as wid. Lynde, m. 27 July 1682, Rev.
Thomas Shepard, and, next, Hon. Samuel Hayman, and was bur. 20 Aug.
1717; and Joanna Newman; but much uncertain. hangs over these two
last ds. i. e. what Lynde was h. of the former, what Newman of the latter,
tho. much inquiry has been bestow. He had also Henry, who d. in Eng.
and left his prop. to the f. JOHN, Ipswich 1665, whose inv. was render.
3 May 1701, had been a soldier in the Province serv. Possib. but not
prob. he may have been one of the unhappy prisoners of the battle at
Worcester, 3 Sept. 1651 (that "crowning mercy" to Oliver Cromwell),
of wh. 272 were ship. in Nov. after, in the John and Sarah, from London,
to be sold here, arr. in May foll. at Boston. Beside this John, Alister,
David, and William A. were victims of the same cruel policy in the same
ship. Part of the prisoners of Dunbar, import. in the former yr. had been
well receiv. as Cotton wrote to Cromwell, and sold for 6, 7, or 8 yrs. servitude.
Most of these unfortunate young men d. of scurvy, or of broken
hearts; and some of the exiles ran away, perhaps with good-will of their
purchasers, so that not one in fifty of these soldiers that foll. Charles II.
in the fatal fields of Dunbar and Worcester, and were sold in Boston, prob.
five hundred in num. liv. to have fams. in our country. JOHN, Salem
1673, a shipmaster, had been, perhaps, of Boston, 1655, and adm. with
w. Mary, of the sec. ch. 1672. RICHARD, New Maven, took o. of fidel.
7 Apr. 1657. ROBERT, in Mass. 6 June 1637 fin. for contempt £50,
wh. was soon remit. may have been only a transient visitor. See Col.
Rec. I. 198,245. WILLIAM, New Haven, took o. of fidel. 7 Apr. 1657,
but neither of him. nor of Richard, who may have been his br. is any more
seen. WILLIAM, Watertown, of wh. Dr. Bond found only, that he sat on
a coroner's jury 26 July 1669. Gr. of this name up to 1828 Farmer
found two at Harv. two at Dart. one at Yale, and eleven at the other coll.
in N. E. and N. J. chiefly, I presume from the latter.

    ANDREW, JOHN, Wickford 1674. NICHOLAS, Marblehead 1683,
freem.that yr. SAMUEL, Cambridge, s. of William of the same, b. prob.
in Eng. m. 27 Sept. 1652 (when prefix of respect is giv. on the rec.),
Elizabeth White, whose f. is not kn. and wh. d. 24 Jan. 1687, aged 57, had
Samuel, b. 29 Jan. 1656, H. C. 1675; William, June 1658; both bapt.