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Volume 1, Page 52

bef. Mitchell's Reg. begins; John, 2, bapt. 10 Mar. 1661, wh. d. at 32
yrs.; Elizabeth bapt. 12 Apr. 1663; Thomas, 21 May 1665, d. soon; Mary,
6 Jan. 1667, d. July foll. Thomas, again, 29 Mar. 1668; beside Jonathan,
wh. d. 8 May 1700, aged a. 30; and Mary, again, wh. d. 29 Feb. 1672.
He was often clk. treasr. and selectman,and d. 21 June 1701, aged a. 80.
See the invalu. "Cambridge Ch. gathering," by Newell with appx. of
Mitchell, and Harris's Epit. A person, "well skill. in mathemat." of this
name, as is ment. in Haz. I. 591, and Belkn. I. 57, is suppos. to be this
Cambridge man. See Col. Rec. III. 329 and 361. SAMUEL, eldest s. of
the preced. was min. of Milford, ord. 15 Nov. 1685, m. Abigail, d. of
Gov. Robert Treat, wh. d. 5 Dec. 1727, had Samuel, and prob. others,
and d. 21 Jan. 1738. A sec. w. Abigail, d. 9 Sept. 1742. The name
has a final s. in the Conn. rec. but the Rev. owner reject. the addit.;
the ch. and town rec. of Cambridge admit the letter, tho. the indisput.
authority of the Coll. catal. deny, and discrimin. yet in his Hecatompolis
(ch. 7 of the Magn. I.) Mather sanctifies the intrusion. WILLIAM, Cambridge,
mariner, the freem. of 4 Mar. 1634, by w. Mary, wh. d. 19 Jan.
1640, had Samuel and perhaps other ch. and d. bef. 1655. WILLIAM,
Ipswich, was sch. master there, and in sev. other towns, may not have been
br. of Rev. Samuel, and d. 19 July 1683. But in Geneal. Rev. VIII. 19,
the extr. from the interleav. Almanac of Sewall, noticing this event is
remark. diverse in the name from the careful writer on the Ipswich gr.
sch. in G. R. VI. 69, wh. makes Thomas Andrews succeed famous Cheever
in the sch. 1 Aug. 1660, and teach. 23 yrs. and d. 10 July 1683.
Vehemently do I suspect, that one or the other is mistaken, that only one
man is intend. and the date of d. 10 or 19, easily reconcil. Of this name,
without s. in 1834, as Farmer mark. three had been gr. at Harv. three
at Yale, and one at some other N. E. coll.

    ANDREWS, ANDROWS (or ANDROS, sometimes), often ANDROS,
ABRAHAM, Fairfield, s. perhaps of Francis, rem. to Waterbury, had
eight ch. Rebecca, b. 1672; Mary, 1674; Hannah, 1678; Abraham, 1680;
Sarah, bapt. 9 Mar. 1684; Rachel, 1686; John, 1688; and Thomas, 1699.
ABRAHAM, Waterbury, s. of John of Farmington, m. Sarah, d. of Robert
Porter of Farmington
, had Sarah, bapt. 9 Mar. 1681; Abraham, 17, certain.
not, as said somewhere, 27 July 1687; at Farmington ch. both; beside Mary,
bapt. 19 May 1689; John, Benjamin, and Robert. He d. 3 May 1693, leav. as
appears by Pro. rec. these five ch. and a wid. Between that Pro. rec. at
Hartford, and the town rec. of F. as well as of W. disagreem. may
be found; at least it was hard to guess, with confidence, after large inquiry,
which Abraham was s. of Francis, wh. of John; and Hinman, wh.
rather darkens the confus. saves hims. from anxiety by acknowledg. only
one Abraham, while he informs us, that sometimes the name is giv. Andros,
or Andrus. His report of Francis gives him no Abraham, and tho.