Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p491


Volume 1, Page 491

and other ch. MATTHEW, Hingham, s. of Daniel the first, m. 31 Dec.
1684, Jael, d. of John Jacob, had, beside four cb. wh. d. very early,
Solomon, b. 2 Jan. 1692; Job, 19 July 1694, H. C. 1714, min. of
Shrewsbury; Samuel, 14 Feb. 1699; Isaac, 28 Apr. 1701; and Jael, 14
Feb. 1706. His w. d. Dec. 170; and he d. 23 June 1715. MATTHEW,
Hingham, s. of first John, m. 1689, Deborah, d. of John Jacob. PETER,
Hingham, s. of Daniel the first, m. June 168, Hannah, d. of Matthew
, wh. d. 4 Apr. 1737, had Peter, b. 1686; Jonathan, 1689, H. C.
1712, min. of Dover; and Stephen. THEOPHILUS, Hingham, came in
the Griffin, 1633, with Gov. Haynes, at whose farm he liv. some yrs.
He was from old Hingham, and d. in March 1679, aged a. 100 yrs. of
wh. he was blind for 25, had, it is thot. no ch. THEOPHILS, Hingham,
s. of the first Daniel, m. 1688, Mary, d. of John Thaxter, and this led,
as in the early days was oft. found, to the union of the surv. parents of
the young couple. THOMAS, Boston, s. of first John, m. 17 Oct.
1687, Deborah, d. of John Thaxter; had John, b. 6 Sept. 1688; Elizabeth
bapt. 8 Nov. 1691; Thomas, 4 Feb. 1694, H. C. 1711; Margaret, 19
July 1696; Deborah, 18 June 1699; Jonathan, 16 Mar. 1701; Hannah,
17 Jan. 1703; and Samuel, 14 Jan. 170; was of ar. co. 1709,
and mem. of the Counc. His w. d. 16 Feb. 1712, and he m. 8 Dec.
foll. Mercy, wid. of Joseph Bridgham, d. of John Wensley, outliv. him,
and d. 3 Oct. 1740, aged 72. Thomas, his s. was speaker; as rep. for
Boston 1742-6, in wh. r. he d. and f. of the disting. patriot Thomas,
H. C. 1744, speaker 1766, mem. of the Philadelphia Congress 1774,
Lieut. Gov. of Mass. 1780-8, when he d. In 1838 thirty-three male
descend. it is believ. of first Matthew had been gr. at Harv. of wh. nine
were clerg. and an unusual proport. serv. in highly import. public office.

    CUSHMAN, ELEAZER, Plymouth, s. of Elder Thomas, m. 12 Jan. 1687,
Elizabeth Combes, perhaps d. of Francis, had Lydia, b. 13 Dec. foll.;
John, 13 Aug. 1690; Moses, a. 1693; James; and William, 27 Oct.
1710. ELKANAH, Plymouth, br. of the preced. m. 16 Feb. 1677, Elizabeth
, had Elkanah, b. 15 Sept. 1678; James, 20 Oct. 1679; and Jabez,
28 Dec. 1681, d. in May foll. The mo. d. 4 Jan. 1682, and he m.
Martha, d. of Jacob Cooke, had Allerton, 21 No. 1683; Elizabeth 17 Jan.
1686; Josiah, 21 Mar. 1688; Martha, bapt. 1691; and Mehitable, b. 8
Oct. 1693. ISAAC, Plymouth, s. of Thomas, rep. 1689-91, for P.; but
bec. a min. of Plympton, ord. 1698, d. 21 Oct. 1732, aged 83 by exagger.
By w. Rebecca Rickard, whose f. is not told, he had Isaac, b. 15 Nov.
1676; Rebecca, 30 Nov. 1678; Mary, 12 Oct. 1682; Sarah, 17 Apr.
1684; Ichabod, 30 Oct. 1686; and Fear, 10 Mar. 1689. JAMES, Scituate,
from 163 to 48, says Deane. His will, 25 Apr. 1648, pro. 24 May foll.
names only cous. It is not easy to offer a reasona. conject. wh. he was.