Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p488


Volume 1, Page 488

1679; and Samuel, 1681. WILLIAM, Salem, by w. Alice had Ann, b.
30 Aug. 1658; Sarah, 13 Oct. 1660, d. soon; William, 26 Dec. 1662;
Abigail, a. 15 Aug. 1664; John, 14 May 1666; Elizabeth Jan. 1668; and
Hannah, Aug. 1670; was one of the troop in 1678. ZACCHEUS, Salem,
came in the James from Southmpton, 1635, was from Downtown, in
Wiltsh. had gr. of ld. 1646, but prob. rem. to Gloucester, there by w.
Joan had Mary, b. 12 May 1659, wh. m. 19 Apr. 1677, at S. Richard
Friend. He had, also, Ephraim, wh. was. admor. on est. Nov. 1682, tho.
the wid. was then liv. ZECARIAH, Stratford 1685, s. of William of the same,
may have been of Bristol 1689, and one of Gallop's comp. 1690. Of
this name, ten had been gr. at Harv. in 1834, and nineteen in other
N. E. coll.

    CURWIN or CORWIN, GEORGE, Salem 1638, came with w. Elizabeth
(wh. had been wid. of John White), and d. Abigail from Workington in
Cumberland, where he was b. 10 Dec. 1610, had John, b. 25 or 28 July
1638; Jonathan, 1 Nov. 1640, bapt. 17 Jan. foll.; Abigail, 30 Nov.
1643; Hannah, b. 1, bapt. 4 Jan. 1616; and Elizabeth 2 July 1648. His w.
whose fam. name was Herbert, it is said of Northampton, d. 1 Sept.
1668; and by sec. w. Elizabeth Brooks, wid. of Robert, d. of Gov. Edward
Winslow, m. 22 Sept. 1669, he had Penelope, b. 7 Aug. bapt. 2 Oct. 1670;
Susanna, 10 Dec. 1672, bapt. Jan. 1673; and George, b. 1674, d. soon; was
freem. 1665, rep. 1666, 7, 9, 70, 2, 4, and 6, a selectman, capt. in Philip's
war, and d. 3 or 6 Jan. 1685, leav. large est. Abigail m. 28 Aug. 1663, Eleazur
Hathorne, and, next, Hon. James Russell; Hannah m. 29 Dec. 1664, William
Browne, and d. 21 Nov. 1692; Penelope m. Josiah Wolcott; and Susanna
m. Edward Lyde of Boston, and d. early. More lieut. is want. as
to Abigail's sec. h. than the Geneal. Reg. affords, as also for the m. of
Samuel Andrews to ano. ch. of Curwin's w. JOHN, Southold, L. I. perhaps
s. of Matthias, freem. of Conn. 1662. JOHN, Salem, s. of George,
freem. 1660, rep. 1679, d. 12 July 1683; m. May 1660, Margaret, d. of
Gov. John Winthrop of Conn. wh. d. 28 Sept. 1697, had George, b. 26
Feb. 1666, wh. was a capt. in the mad exped. of Sir William Phips,
1690, against Quebec, and reward. by him when Gov. with the office of
sheriff of Essex in the cruel execut. of that melancholy yr. of witchcraft,
1692, and d. 12 Apr. 1696. Other ch. were Elizabeth 28 Apr. 1668;
Lucy, 1670; Hannah, 1672; and Samuel, 12 Oct. 1674. JONATHAN,
Salem, br. of the preced. freem. 1671, m. 20 Mar. 1676, Elizabeth d.
of Jacob Sheaffe, wid. of Robert Gibbs, had beside Elizabeth b. 5 May
1678; Sarah, 1680; and Ann, 1 Aug. 1687; George, 21 May 1683,
II. C. 1701, min. of first ch. in his nat. town, wh. d. 23 No. 1717, the f.
of Samuel, H. C. 1735, of wh. a Memoir, illustrat. with much felicity of
the ante-revolut. days, was pub. 1842, by George H. Ward, a descend. He
was rep. 1681, and 9, an Assist. 1689, nam. couns. in the new Chart.was made
a Judge for trial of witches 1692, of an unlawful special, Sup. Court, in place of
Saltonstall; succeed Leverett in 1708, in the legitim. Sup. Ct. and d. 9 June