Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p470

Volume 1, Page 470

Deerfield among the early sett. a. 1673, but aft. the destruct. of that town by
the Ind. in Philip's war, he was a short time at Roxbury again, and soon
rem. to Hatfield, thence to Wethersfield, where he was in 1702. SAMUEL,
Roxbury, br. of the preced. freem. 1671, m. 16 Oct. 1661, Elizabeth Seaver,
had Hannah, b. 14 Dec. 1662; Samuel, 24 May 1664, d. soon; Elizabeth 2
Oct. 1665; Samuel, again, 16 June 1667; Joseph, 13 July 1669; Mary,
15 Oct. 1671; Abigail, 1 Dec. 1673; Nathaniel, 4 Jan. 1677; and
Benjamin, 23 Oct. 1683; and d. 9 Dec. 1709. THOMAS[1], Hadley 1678,
d. 1692, leav. six ch. of wh. only John, wh. was of Hatfield, had issue.
Five of this name had, in 1833, been gr. at Harv. and four at the other
N. E. coll.

    CRAGG, JOHN, emb. at Barbados for N. E. 31 Jan. 1679, perhaps
only trans. visit.

    CRAGGAN, JOHN, Woburn, m. 4 Nov. 1661, Sarah Dawes, had Abigail,
b. 4 Aug. 1662 ; Sarah, 10 Aug. 1664 ; Elizabeth 3 Aug. 1666; Mercy,
25 Mar. 1669; Ann, 6 Aug. 1673; John, 19 Sept. 1677; and Rachel,
and Leah, tw. 14 Mar. 1680, both d. in 4 days.

    CRAM, BENJAMIN, Hampton, perhaps s. of John, m. 25 Nov. 1662,
Argentine, d. of Giles Cromwell of Newburg, took o. of fidel. 25 Apr.
1678. JOHN, Boston 1637, Exeter 1639, Hampton 1658, d. 5 Mar.
1682. In 1665 he had w. Esther, ch. Benjamin, Thomas, Lydia, and
Mary. THOMAS, Hampton, perhaps br. of Benjamin, took o. of alleg.
1678. Descend. continue. in that vicin.

    CRAMPTON, DENNIS, Guilford 1656, m. 16 Sept. 1660, Mary, d. of
John Parmelee, had Hannah, Eliz. and Nathaniel, this last b. Mar.
1667, and she d. 16 of the same mo. By sec. w. Sarah, wid. of Nicholas
, had Sarah, b. 17 Dec. 1669; Thomas, 25 Nov. 1672; and
John, 16 June 1675; liv. some yrs. at Killingworth, but went back to
G. bef. m. of third w. Frances, was liv. there 1685; and d. 31 Jan.
1690, leav. good est. He is the man, call. by Kellond and Kirk (to wh.
Gov. Endicot had issu. warrant for arrest of Whalley and Goffe, the
regicides), Dennis Scranton, when they made report of their unsuccessful
errand. Of this docum. not exceed. in curious detail by any in N. E.
hist. see Hutch. Coll. 334. Eliz. m. 1686, John Lee of Westfield, as
his sec. w. and Sarah m. John Evarts as his sec. w. JOHN, Norwalk
1672, was a soldier in Philip's war, had liv. 1661 at Fairfield, there m.
Hannah, d. of Francis Andrews, and by her had Hannah, b. 1662, wh.
m. 5 Mar. 1680, Benjamin Scribner, or Skrivener; and for sec. w. m. 8
Oct. 1676, Sarah, d. of John Rockwell of Stamford, had Sarah, b. 10
Sept. 1679; Abigail, 9 Aug. 1681; and John, 7 Jan. 1683. NATHANIEL,
Guilford, s. of John, by first w. I presume, sold est. and rem. to Wethersfield.
Hinman, 232, says he d. 13 Mar. 1693, and gave his est. to