Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p471

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Volume 1, Page 471

William Goodrich. SAMUEL, a soldier of Lothrop's comp. k. at Bloody
brook, 18 Sept. 1675

    CRAMWELL, JOHN, Boston, d. 1639. Ano. JOHN, Boston, by w. Rebecca
had Rebecca, b. 20 July 1654. But this is more prob. Cromwell.

    CRANBERRY, NATHANIEL, k. by the Ind. at Deerfield, Sept. 1675,
was, prob. a soldier.

    CRANCH, ANDREW, New Hampsh. b. a. 1646, was of gr. jury 1684
and 5.

    CRANDALL, EBER, Westerly, s. of the first John, had three ws. as
from his will of 22 Aug. 1727 may be presum. for aft. nam. w. Mary,
he adds ch. John, Eber, Samuel, and Joseph, "that I had by my sec.
w." he gives to Mary, Nathaniel, Jonathan, Ebenezer, and Jeremiah,
" that my now w. hath liv." and he also calls Nathaniel Cottrell of N.
Kingston br. JAMES, Westerly 1675, or bef. JEREMIAH, Westerly, s.
of John of the same, by w. Priscilla had Jeremiah, John, James, Ann,
Hannah, Sarah, Experience, Patience, Susanna, and Mary. JOHN,
Providence 1637, m. Elizabeth d. of Samuel Gorton; and adopt. his opin. I
suppose, for in Aug. 1651, he was imprison. at Boston for a Bapt. freem.
at Newport 1655, rem. to Westerly, preach. as 7th day Bapt. and d.
1676. He had two ds. of wh. one m. Job Babcock; the other, Josiah
. Other ch. were John, Jeremiah, Peter, Joseph, and Eber.
JOHN, Westerly, s. of the preced. had, as we learn from his will of 25
Jan. 1704, w. Elizabeth s. John, Peter, and Samuel, ds. Elizabeth w. of Stephen
Wilcox, and Mary Phillips. JOSEPH, Westerly, s. of the first John, m.
Deborah, d. of Robert Burdick, was ord. 8 May 1715, and d. 12 Sept.
1737. PETER, Westerly 1675, perhaps earlier, was br. of the preced.

    CRANE, BENJAMIN, Medfield 1649, m. 12 Sept. 1656, Elinor Breck,
prob. d. of Edward of Dorchester, rem. to Wethersfield, freem. of Conn.
1658, d. 31 May 1691, leav. Benjamin, Jonathan, Joseph, John, Abraham,
Jacob, Israel, Elizabeth and Mary. Perhaps he liv. some yrs. late in life at
Taunton, for his s. John there took his w. and (wh. is better ground for
the infer.) there Samuel Hackett m. 28 Mar. 1690, his d. Mary. BENJAMIN,
Milton, perhaps s. of the preced. was a soldier in the comp. of
brave capt. Johnson, and wound. in the desperate battle of 19 Dec.
1675 at the Narraganset swamp. CHRISTIAN, Cambridge 1647. But
I doubt, that Farmer was delud. into deriv. this name from Christopher
Cane, wh. see. HENRY, Dorchester 1658 in Milton 1667-77, m. a d. of
Stephen Kingsley. HENRY, Guilford 1664, was, perhaps, f. of that Mercy,
wh. m. 30 Oct. 1701, John Hoadley the sec. ‡ * JASPER, New Haven 1639,
had, beside Hannah, wh. m. Thomas Huntington, Deliverance, bapt. 12
June 1642; Mercy, 1 Mar. 1645; Micah, 3 Nov. 1647; and Jasper, b. 1651;
rem. to Branford in 1668, thence to Newark N.J. had been rep. of N. H.