Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p446

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Volume 1, Page 446

the Mayflower 1620, with one ch. John; his w. Esther, and other ch.
Jacob, Jane, and Esther, com. in the Ann, 1623, so that he count. six sh.
in div. of lds. 1624; and in 1626 was b. Mary, and he had seven sh. at
div. of cattle. He was call. by Bradford, "a very old man," in 1650,
wh. saw his "children's childr. hav. childr." and had m. in Holland a
nat. of the Netherlands, of the Walloon ch. was one of the first purch.
of Dartmouth 1652, and of Middleborough 1662; d. 7 Apr. 1663. His
will, of 7 Dec. 1659, made w. Esther, and s. John excors. Jane m. a.
1628, Experience Mitchell; Esther m. Nov. 1641, Richard Wright;
and Mary m. 26 Dec. 1645, John Thomson, wh. d. 16 June 1696, aged
80, and she d. 21 Mar. 1715. GEORGE, Cambridge, came in the
Defence 1635, aged 20, with elder br. Joseph, in Harlakenden's comp.
in the ship's clearance at the London custom ho. call. With others, servants
of H. for decept. of the gov. no doubt, for in the yr. foll. our rec.
gives both the prefix of resp.; freem. 3 Mar. 1636; rep. 1636, 42-5,
and speaker 1645, ar. co. 1643, capt. by w. Alice had Elizabeth b. 27
Mar. 1640, wh. d. Aug. foll.; Thomas, b. 19 June 1642, d. at 2
mos.; Elizabeth again, 21 Aug. 1644; and Mary, 15 Aug. 1646. He
went home, and was a col. on serv. in Ireland, there d. or was k.
1652. His d. Mary m. it is said, Samuel Annesley, Esq. of Westminster,
call. "her mo.'s younger br." with wh. she was liv. 1691; and
Elizabeth m. Rev. John Quick of St. Giles, Cripplegate, London. Admin.
on his est. here was gr. 1653, to Presid. Dunster and Joseph Cooke.
GREGORY, Cambridge, shoemak. by w. Mary, wh. d. 17 Aug. 1681, had
Stephen, b. a. 1647; and Susanna, wh. d. 13 Nov. 1674; liv. in that pt.
now Newton in 1672; next yr. was of Watertown, yet had some yrs.
been at Mendon, was there selectman 1669; of Watertown again, 1684,
and at C. was selectman 1678, and aft.; m. 1 Nov. 1681, wid. Susanna
Goodwin, and d. 1 Jan. 1691, and his wid. m. 15 Sept. foll. Henry
Spring. HENRY, Salem 1638, m. June 1639, Judith Burdsall, d. 25
Dec. 1661, when his inv. is produc. and his ch. nam. with their ages,
Isaac, 22; Samuel, 20; John, 14; Judith, 18; Rachel, 16; Mary, and
Martha, 12; Henry, 8; and Hannah, 4. HENRY, Salem, m. Mary Hale,
d. perhaps of sec. Thomas of Newbury[1] had Mary, b. 15 July 1678.
ISAAC, Salem, m. 3 May 1664, Eliz. d. of Anthony Buxton, had Eliz.
b. 23 Sept. 1665; Isaac, 9 Jan. 1667, d. young; and Mary, 12 Nov. 1668;
Abigail, 12 July 1670; Hannah, 15 Oct. 1672; John, 23 Mar. 1674; Rachel,
20 Feb. 1676; Ebenezer, 24 Dec. 1677; Samuel, 1 Oct. 1679, wh. d. the
same day, as did three other ch. of his b. last preced. in a few days aft. the
latest. But the transer. [transcript?] in Essex Inst. II. 42 may be good, and the rec. bad,
as to a ch. com. betw. Abigail and Hannah. JACOB, Plymouth, younger s.
of Francis, b. in Holland, came with his mo. in the Ann, 1623, m. 1646,
Damaris, d. of Stephen Hopkins, had Elizabeth b. 18 Jan. 1648, wh. m. a. 1667,
John Dotey; Caleb, 29 Mar. 1651; Jacob, 26 Mar. 1633, and liv. to 1748;
Mary. 12 Jan. 1658; Martha, 16 Mar. 1660; Francis, 5 Jan. 1663, d.
soon, and Ruth, 17 Jan. 1666. He m. sec. w. 18 Nov. 1669, Elizabeth wid.
of William Shurtleff. He d. 1676, and his wid. m. 1 Jan. 1689, her third
h. Hugh Cole, wh. outliv. her. Martha m. Elkanah Cushman, and d. 17