Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p386

Volume 1, Page 386

In Geneal. Reg. XI. 154, it is said, that he rem. to Virg. but Deane,
233, 4, leads to differ. opin. RICHARD, Plymouth 1633, had, prob. come
to Mass. in the fleet with Winthrop for he req. adm. as freem. 19 Oct.
1630, yet did not after take the o. but rem. from Weymouth to P. and
was rec. as freem. of that Col. 4 Oct. 1632. He m. Elizabeth d. of Richard
, wh. prob. came with her mo. in the Ann 1623; was engag. as a
carpenter in build. the earliest ch. edif. at Plymouth, serv. in the Pequot
war, sold his est. at P. in 1649, and was at Charlestown 1653, and for
final resid. sat down at Hingham. Giv. evid. at Sandwich, 25 Aug.
1664, he call. hims. 56 yrs. old, and he made his will at H. 25 Dec.
1668, and d. at Dedham a few days after. It provides for wid. Elizabeth and
equal portions to all the ch. without nam. them, exc. that Joseph, on acco.
of his lame hd. should have a double one. To name those ch. older,
is not easy, perhaps not all of them with confidence. Beside Joseph,
we kn. Benjamin, the gr. soldier, b. 1639; Elizabeth wh. m. 20 Jan.
1658, Caleb Hobart; Richard, wh. d. young; Caleb; Nathaniel;
Hannah, bapt. 8 Aug. 1647; Abigail, wh. m. 19 Dec. 1666, Samuel
, and d. 25 Dec. 1677; Charles, k. by casual. 30 Oct. 1659;
Deborah, b. 27 Jan. 1677, wh. m. John Irish, junr. says Winsor,
as his sec. w. (tho. ano. author, wh. gives the date of his m. May 1708,
calls her Priscilla); and perhaps Mary, wh. d. at Duxbury, 30 Apr. 1662.
RICHARD, Hartford 1637, an orig. propr. whose first resid. is unkn. by
Cothren, 526, is confus. with the preced. rem. a. 1660, to Hadley, there
d. Dec. 1667. His wid. Ann d. 10 Mar. 1684, aged 83, and, in his will,
four ch. only are nam. viz. Edward, and John, bef. ment.; Mary, wh. m.
Isaac Graves, and Samuel; perhaps all b. in Eng. SAMUEL, Hadley,
youngest s. of the preced. made freem. of Conn. 1657, rem. to H. after
m. with Mary, perhaps eldest d. of Josiah Churchill, and d. 13 Apr.
1684, leav. eight ch. His wid. d. 1690. SAMUEL, Watertown, elder br.
of David, m. 7 Feb. 1672, Rebecca, d. of William Shattuck, had Rebecca,
b. 31 Dec. foll. Of this name in 1830 were eight gr. at Yale, five at Harv.
and three at Dart.

s. of Josiah, by w. Mary, m. 1677, wh. d. 30 Oct. 1712, aged 69, had
Prudence, b. 2 July 1678; and two other ch. but no more is kn.
ELIEZUR, Plymouth, s. of John of the same, m. 8 Feb. 1688, Mary
, wid. I presume, of some gr.s. of the first Edward, and had four
or five ch. but by a former w. also Mary, had Hannah, b. 23 Aug.
1676; Joanna, 25 Nov. 1678; and sev. of the foll. tho. as date of
only one is kn. to me, I must not disting. which mo. bore ea. Abigail;
Eleazer; Stephen, Feb. 1685; Jedediah; Mary; Elkanah; Nathaniel;
Josiah; and Jonathan. His w. d. 11 Dec. 1715; and he d. 5 Mar. foll.
JOHN, Plymouth 1643, m. 18 Dec. 1644, Hannah, d. of William Pontus,