Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p38


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Volume 1, Page 38

1675, d. young; Stitson, 29 Jan. 1677; Ann, 3 May 1678; William,
again, 14 June 1680; Abigail, 2 July 1683; Judith, 17 Jan. 1687, d. at
16 yrs.; Dorothy, 12 Aug. 1688; and Mary, 1 Dec. 1692, d. at 10 yrs.
He d. 10 May 1700. How often the names of Allin, Allyn, Alling, or
Alleyne, with sev. variat. may be found with the same letters as the
foregoing, is beyond enumerat. With this spell. are found 27 gr at
Harv., 10 at Yale, and 8 at Dartm., beside 37 at other coll. of N. E as
Farmer saw.

    ALLERTON, ISAAC, one of the pilgr. in the Mayflower, at Plymouth,
1620, at one time the richest of the Co. was an Assist. 1621, the sole officer
for three yrs. under the Gov. He brot. w. Mary, wh. was call. Collins,
from Newbury, Co. Berks, m. at Leyden, 4 Nov. 1611, the same day
that his wid. sis. m. there Digory Priest; three ch. Bartholomew,
Remember, and Mary. His w. d. 25 Feb. after land. and he m.
1626, Fear, d. of Elder William Brewster, by wh. he had Isaac, H. C.
1650; and prob. no more. This w. d. 1633, and when he liv. at New
Haven, 1646, he had third w. Joanna, wh. is honor. after d. of her h. as
having giv. shelter to the regicides, Goffe and Whalley, tho. with the usual
felicity of tradit. the merit was ascrib. to her gr.d. (then a small ch.) and
liv. to 1684. As agent for the Co. he went to Eng. three or four times,
but gave not satisfact. in the latter visit; and on his private business was
oblig. to go, more than once, of all wh. large statem. is seen in the Hist.
of Bradford. In 1643, the Dutch, with wh. he had passed some yrs. having
lost the confid. of his early friends bef. 1631, would employ him, with
Underhill, to raise from the Eng. a force for their protect. against the
Ind. but soon after he was sett. at New Haven, and there d. 1659, insolv.
Largely he had speculat. at the Eastward and soon after dismiss. from the
Plymouth agency, had a trading-house at Machias, destroy. 1633 by the
French, met various disasters by shipwrecks of his fishing vessels, in
prosecution of wh. business he sometime was engaged at Marblehead, and
join. Salem ch. 1647; but seems almost always unlucky. His eldest s.
Bartholomew m. and liv. in Eng. as Bradford first taught us; Remember
m. Moses Maverick of Salem; and Mary m. Elder Thomas Cushman,
and d. 1699, the last surv. of the blessed band of the first ship, for
wh. we may feel suffic. esteem without accept. the report of her being
" over 90 yrs. old." Sarah was the name often ascrib. to Maverick's w.
and Young's Chronicles of the Pilgrims, Russell's Guide to Plymouth, the
accos. of Judge Davis, in his Ed. of Morton's Memor. of Dr. Bacon in 3
Mass. Hist. Coll. VII. 243, and of Cushman in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 265-70,
are all subject to no little correction since the contempo. Hist. of
Bradford has been brot. to light. ISAAC, New Haven, s. of the preced.
and the only ch. nam. in the will of his f. tho. as the testator had not a
shilling to give, the omiss. of other ch. need not be regret. For his f's
wid. Isaac purchas. the portion of the domicil that the law would not