Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p39


Volume 1, Page 39

give, and bestow. it on her for life, remain to his eldest d. Elizabeth b. 27
Sept. 1653. His only other ch. was Isaac, b. 11 June 1655, wh. d. prob.
bef. his f. and without issue. The f. is thot to have rem. shortly after
1660, and Hutch. in his Hist. II. 461 speaks, as if there were male offspring
in Maryland, at his day. The w's name is not heard of, but the
d. m. 23 Dec. 1675, Benjamin Starr, and next 22 July 1679, Simon
Eyre the third. JOHN, Plymouth 1620, a sailor of the Mayflower, had
made up his mind to partake the lot of the pilgr. as he sign. the compact
in Cape Cod harb. but he d. bef. the ship sail. on her home voyage.

    ALLEY, GILES, Lynn, of wh. we kn. no more but that, in Sept. 1668,
he was call. 42 yrs. of age. HUGH, Lynn, wh. may have been elder br.
of the preced. came in the Abigail, 1635, from London, aged 27, had
Mary, b. 6 Jan. 1642; John, 30 Nov. 1646; Martha, 31 July 1649;
Sarah, 15 Apr. 1651; Hugh, 15 Oct. 1653; Solomon, 2 Aug. 1656, one
of the k. at Bloody brook, 18 Sept. 1675, in the comp. of Lothrop, call.
"the flower of Essex;" Hannah, I June 1661; and Jacob, 5 Sept. 1663;
d. 25 Jan. 1674. His will of 2 Jan. in that yr. and the wid. Mary took
admin. Mary m. 6 June 1667, John Lindsay; Sarah m. Aug.
1668, Eleazer Lindsay; and Martha m. 1 Apr. 1671, James Mills.
HUGH, Lynn, s. of the preced. m. 9 Dec. 1681, Rebecca Hood, had Solomon,
b. 11 Oct. 1682; Jacob, 28 Jan. 1684; Eleazer, 1 Nov. 1686;
Hannah, 16 Aug. 1689; Richard, 31 July 1691; Joseph, 22 June 1693;
and Benjamin, 24 Feb. 1696. JOHN, Lynn, eldest br. of the preced. m.
15 Aug. 1670, Joanna Furnell, had Sarah, b. 15 Apr. 1671; Mary, 25
Apr. 1673; John, Jan. 1676; Hannah, 22 Jan. 1680; Rebecca, 28 May
1683; Hugh, 15 Feb. 1686; and William, 14 July 1688; beside two
ds. more, wh. prob. d. young. PHILIP, Boston, d. 1655 perhaps, for 7
Dec of that yr. his wid. Susanna, wh. took admin. the next week, had m.
William Pitts. See Ally. Strangely is this name convert. to Aealy by
that vol. usual. suppos. to be a rec. in our City Register's office, correct.
transcr. for Geneal. Rev. XI. 201, the first two letters being a diphthong.
What sanctity should be attrib. to the official exemplar may easily be kn.
by the flagr. case of falsehood on the very next page of the same Vol.
where it is also correct copy, assert. that a m. was solemniz. by John
Winthrop Gov. 5 Nov. 1657, when that magistr. had been near nine yrs.

    ALLEYNE, EDWARD, Dedham 1636, one of the founders of the ch.
8 Nov. 1638, freem. 13 Mar. foll. with prefix of respect, at the same time
with his pastor, Rev. John Allin, spelt with e in the last syl. to wh. he
may have had near relation. He was rep. four yrs. 1639-42, and on 8
Sept. of this last yr. d. at Boston on attend. in the Gen. Ct. so sudden.
that his will was nuncup. Prob. he had no w. or ch. for his est. was giv.
by him to kinsmen John Newton, and Edward Allen. EDWARD, Boston