Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p331


Volume 1, Page 331

of soldiers and their billeting, was chos. town clk. 1664, and in that office
serv. till the Ind. destroy. the town in Mar. 1676, when he rem. to Newport,
there liv. 1684, but when he d. or whether he had issue, is not kn.

    CAMMOCK, THOMAS, Portsmouth 1631 or 2, had two or three yrs.
bef. been in Maine, was neph. of the Earl of Warwick, got patent for lds.
at Black point, Scarborough, in 1636, sat as one of a Ct. of Commissnrs.
at Saco, under power of Sir Ferdinando Gorges, soon after went home,
but came back 1638, with John Josselyn, in the Nicholas, and resid. at
S. On a voyage to the West Indies he d. 1643, leav. wid. Margaret, wh.
m. his fellow-commissnr. Henry Josselyn. No ch. are ment. Sullivan,
128, erron. marks his d. 1663. This name was not rare at Boston, Eng.

    CAMP, oft. KEMP, EDWARD, New Haven 1643, had Edward, b.
1650; Mary, 1652; Sarah, 1655; and perhaps more, but not prob. for he d.
1659. EDWARD, Milford, prob. s. of the preced. m. 1674, Mehitable, d.
of John Smith, first of the same. JOHN, Hartford, freem. 1669, m.
Mary, d. of Robert Sanford, had Hannah, b. 24 Nov. 1672, John, 13
Feb. 1675; Sarah, 17 Feb. 1677; Joseph, 7 Jan. 1679; Mary, 30 June
1682; James, 23 June 1686; Samuel, 29 Jan. 1691; and Abigail, 1696; and
ano. 31 July 1699. NICHOLAS, Milford 1639, m. 14 July 1652, as his sec.
w. Catharine, wid. of Anthony Thompson, had Joseph, b. 11 Aug. 1653,
at New Haven, wh. d. young; but at M. Samuel, 15 Sept. 1655; Joseph,
1658, H. C. 1677; Mary, 1660; John, and Sarah, tw. bapt. 1662; and
Abigail, 1662. By first w. no ch. is ment. and he had third w. was rep.
1670, 1, and 2. Lambert says, he d. 1706, and it may be so. SAMUEL,
Milford, perhaps s. of the preced. perhaps of the first Edward, m. 13
Nov. 1672, Hannah, d. of Thomas Betts, wh. is not nam. in the will of
her f. 1688, and may have d. early. WILLIAM, New London 1683, m.
Elizabeth d. of Richard Smith, and d. 9 Oct. 1713, leav. s. William, and
James. Of this name, in 1829, were eight gr. at Yale, one at Dart.
none at Harv.

    CAMPBELL, DUNCAN, Boston 1685, a bookseller from Scotland, ar.
co. 1686, by w. Susanna had William, b. 27 MaY 1687; Archibald, 10
Feb. 1689; Matthew, 14 Feb. 1691; Susanna, 1 Feb. 1696; and Agnes
2 Mar. 1699. Under commis. from home he was made postmaster for
our side of the world. Thomas, Hist. of Print. II. 414, cit. Dunton's
Life and Errors. JOHN, Boston 1695, perhaps be. but not prob. s. of
the preced. ( and in doubt, whether he was here bef. May 1692, I have
hesitat. to give him place on my page), by w. Mary had Elizabeth b. 6
Feb. 1696; and Mary, 23 July 1704; was postmaster, but much more
kn. as propr. of the Boston Newsletter, the earliest Gazette on W. side
of the ocean, print. by Bartholomew Green, first issu. 17 Apr. 1704; d.
4 Mar. 1728, aged 75. See Thomas, II. 210. Of this name, tho.