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Volume 1, Page 329

1692; and Sarah m. an Ayres, and Mary m. a Roper. His wid. d. 26
Jan. 1722, aged 86. JOHN, Ipswich, eldest s. of the preced. m. 1686,
Sarah Foster, had Jacob; John, b. 19 Aug. 1692, k. by the Ind. on serv.
in Maine, 1724; and William. Of this name, six had been gr. in 1828,
at Harv. and six at the other N. E. coll.

    CALEF or CALFE, JAMES, Rowley 1644. JOSEPH, Ipswich, eldest
s. of Robert the first, a physician, by w. Mary had Robert, b. 12 Dec.
1693; Joseph, 20 May 1695; Samuel, 25 Jan. 16979; Ebenezer; Peter;
and Mary; all liv. when he d. 28 Dec. 1707, aged 36. ROBERT, Roxbury,
of wh. we kn. little more than that he had four s. Joseph, bef.
ment.; John; Jeremiah; and the well-deserv. Robert, beside ds. Martha,
wh. m.
28 Sept. 1700, Solomon Hewes; and Mary, wh. m. 9 Oct.
1712, Samuel Stevens; and that he d. 13 Apr. 1719, aged 71, as
his gr. stone at Roxbury tells; and his gr.s. Joseph, bef. admin.
of est. 3 June 1720; and his wid. Mary d. 12 Nov. foll. When
the real est. was div. in 1726, names of uncles and aunts of the admor.
to wh. he was bound to pay proportions, are ascertain. ROBERT, Boston,
merch. s. of the preced. perhaps youngest, m. 23 Dec. 1699, Margaret,
d. of James Buxton of Newton, had eight ch. if not more, but
most of them d. young, the names of James, Ann, and Margaret alone
being ment. as outliv. the f. perhaps one was Daniel, wh. d. at Roxbury,
13 Aug. 1712. Beside there is rec. of b. by a former w. Mary, of Edward,
30 Jan. 1689, unless this may rather seem to be br. instead of ch.
of the disting. Robert. Of his d. we find not exact date, but it was
betw. Apr. 1722, and 18 Feb. foll. when his will of 2 Jan. 1720 was
pro. Ever honor. will be his name for the small book, call. "More
Wonders of the Invisib. World," print. at London, 1700, giv. hist. of the
baneful superstition of 1692; that serv. to prevent renewal of the horrid
tradgedies that the patrons of delusion, unsatisfied with their sad experience,
would surely have attempt. When Presid. Mather order. the
modest work to be burned in the college yd. he fail. in true policy almost
as deeply as if he had prevail. to obt. similar treatm. of the body of the
author as of his wol. and his own power in the Inst. that had long suffer.
as by nightmare, ceased in few weeks. Once or twoce since there have
been partial outcries against witchcraft, but for more than a century no
influence has been exert. to renew crimin. prosecut.

    CALL, JOHN, Charlestown 1637, of wh. no more is kn. but that
he join. the ch. 24 Oct. 1639, and, perhaps, d. 1678. JOHN,
Charlestown, s. of Thomas, b. in Eng. m. 21 Jan. 1657, Hannah, d. of
Richard Kettell, wh. d. 27 Aug. 1708, aged 71, had John, b. 20 Jan. foll.
perhaps, and Thomas, both bapt. 6 July 1662; Jonathan, 27 Sept. 1663;
Nathaniel, 1 Apr. 1666; Mehitable, 30 Aug. 1668; Calaeb, 2 Oct. 1670;
Hannah, 29 June 1673; and Esther, 27 Feb. 1676; d. of smallpox,
1678, all the ch. then liv. But possib. this date of d. may refer, more