Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p310


Volume 1, Page 310

Nichols, wh. outliv. him, had Elizabeth b. 1675; William, 1677, d. young;
Peleg, 1679; Josiah, 1681; Israel, 1687; Charles, 1690; and Ephraim,
1693; d. early, 1698, his inv. of good est. being of 4 Mar. in that
yr. the wid. and six ch. to enjoy it. WILLIAM, Stratford, and early
sett. d. 1651, leav. wid. Elizabeth wh. surv. thirty yrs. and in her will of
2 Sept. 1681 names s. Stephen, and John, and d. Mary Smith, as her ch.

Boston 1685, ar. co. 1686, a merch. from London, much commend. by John
Dutton, for his kindness, in his life and Errors. He m. for sec. w. 29 Dec. 1709,
wid. Elizabeth Heath, wh. had been w. of Thomas Gross; and for her and four ds.
of G. by her he made good provis. in his will short. bef. his d. and by her it
is prob. he had no ch. as in it he ment. only ch. Sarah, wh. had m. capt.
John Brown of Salem. GEORGE, Roxbury, bred at H. C. where he had
his A. B. 1670, the most promin. victim of the diabolic. fanaticism of
, was thot. by Farmer, at one time, s. of John of Salem, tho. he
after suppos. that Jeremiah of Scitutate might be his f. I can feel no
doubt, however, that he was s. of that "Mrs. Rebecca Burrows, wh. came
from Virg. that she might enjoy God in his ordinance in N. E." as
apostle Eliot's rec. ment. her unit, with the ch. 19 July 1657, when her
s. must have been quite young, and he was adm. to the same privilage
12 Apr. 1674. Prob. his f. had d. in Virg. and we may hope, that the
mo. also had gone to ano. world bef. the sad proof of pervers. of God's
ordin. in her chos. refuge by the horrib. proced. against her only ch.
By w. whose name is not seen, he had Rebecca, bapt. 12 Apr. 1674, the
same day of his join. the ch. and George, I think, 21 Nov. 1675, both at
R. He preach. at Falmouth as early, in opin. of Willis, as 1674, but at
the latest, in the summer of 1676, who for his good serv. he had gr. of
200 acres, and when the Ind. destroy. that town, 11 Aug. of that yr.
with surv. inhab. he escap. to Bang's isl. in the harb. whence he wrote
those details of the disast. sent by maj. Pendleton to the Gov. and
Counc. at Boston. In Salisbury he had ano. ch. Hannah, b. by w. Hannah
(perhaps not the first w.) 27 Apr. 1680, and was invit. Nov. foll. to
preach. at Salem vill. now Danvers, and there had Elizabeth bapt. 4 June
1682; but in a. two yrs. went E. to his former flock, certain,. was at F.
1683; and it may be fear. that dissatisf. at his leav. Danvers was a
moving cause of his unhappy fate. On the sec. sack. of Casco by the
Ind. 1690, he was again driv. to the W. and preach. at Wells, until a worse
enemy, the gr. adversary, assail. him. He was arrest. in Apr. at W. and
brot. to Salem, where the gaol was soon too full of these harmless victims; but on
8 May 1692, he was sent to Boston, charg. with offence of witcher. dept nine
wks. in prison, tried 3 Aug. at Salem, and by Ct. unduly organiz. condemn. in
few days, and hang. on 19 of that mo. Cotton Mather publis. for the entertainm. of