Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p309


Volume 1, Page 309

w. Mary, s. George, and Francis, here had John, b. 1631; and both h.
and w. d. 1653. Lewis. His will of 18 Oct. in that yr. pro. in June
foll. ment. the three s. and ch. of Francis. GEORGE, Boston, s. of the
preced. a cooper, m. Deborah, d. of Nicholas Simpkins, had George, b.
13 Feb. 1654; Samuel, 10 Jan. 1656; Sarah, wh. m. John Souther;
wh. beside Abraham Gourden, are all nam. in his will of 4 Oct.
1693, por. 14 July 1698, nine days after his d. JAMES, a soldier of
Turner's comp. in Mar. 1676, I suppose, was s. of Francis of Lynn.
Whether he surv. the campaign, or perish. with his capt. is unkn. but
prob. he was of Bristol, with w. and one ch. early in 1689. JOHN,
Roxbury 1632, or earlier, by w. Sarah had Sarah, b. July 1634, wh. m.
Richard Davis, and, next, Samuel Chandler, and d. Aug. 1665. He was
a shoemak. rem. to Boston 1648, or bef. and d. prob. in Feb. 1657.
His will of 3 Aug. 1654 names only w. and d. JOHN, Lynn, s. of
George the first, m. 10 May 1656, Lois, d. of Thomas Ivory, had John,
b. 15 Nov. 1658 (much disting. as town clk. 31 yrs. rep. 22 yrs and
speaker 10 yrs. of wh. Hutch. II. 234, says, the Ho. "was as fond as of
their eyes," and couns. 1720, d. 10 Dc. 1721, leav. no ch.) was freem.
1686, unless this was the son's date (the latest in the list bef. the usurpat.
of Andros), a capt. rep. 1691, 2, and 7, and d. 24 Apr. 1703. Other
ch. were Sarah, 16 May 1661; Thomas, 7 Jan. 1664; Ann, 15 Sept.
1666; Theophilus, 15 July 1669; Lois, 27 Jan. 1672; Samuel, 20 Apr.
1674, d. in few days; Mary, 18 Feb. 1677; and Ebenezer, 13 July
1679, wh. was a valu. publ. serv. as rep. and couns. many yrs. and d. 6
Sept. 1761, hav. had, by w. Martha Farrington, teen ch. of wh. were
Ebenezer and Samuel, often reps. of their native town, and this younger
Ebenezer was gr.f. of James, b. 25 Apr. 1772, at Providence, that bec.
Ch. Just. of the Sup. Ct. of R. I. one of the ablest men the State ever
had, and her senat. of the U. S. JOHN, Weymouth, by w. Rebecca had
Thomas, b. 2 Feb. 1659; perhaps others. bef. Ephraim, 19 July 1664.
Of this name, whether f. or s. was one serv. in the comp. of Isaac Johnson,
Dec. 1675, prob. enga. in the deadly assault, when his capt. was k.
JOHN, Weymouth, perhaps s. of the preced. by w. Mercy had Elizabeth b.
25 Sept. 1689; Thomas, 26 May 1692; John, 19 Feb. 1695; and perhaps

    BURRINGTON, WILLIAM, Portsmouth, R. I. by w. Jane had Abigail,
wh. d. 4 Dc. 1711; and his s. Robert d. 11 Aug. 1728.

    BURRITT, JOHN, Stratford, s. of William, was propound. for freem.
1671, and liv. 1698, and prob. many yrs. more for his inv. of good est.
was brot. by his neph. Josiah, Feb. 1727. He was unm. STEPHEN,
Stratford 1668, br. of the preced. m. 8 Jan. 1674, Sarah, d. of Isaac