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Volume 1, Page 292

and sent to Eng. as agent to defend the col. against compl. of her is of
Gorges and Mason, faithful. and prudent. execut. the serv. and ret. Dec.
1679, Assist. 1677 for 8 yrs. d. 24 May 1688, at mid. age, "and," says
Danforth, in Hutch. Coll. 566, "verily his sun did set in a cloud." His
wid. Rebecca m. Jonathan Prescott; and d. Rebecca m. Jonathan Prescott,
jr. PETER, Fairfield, youngest s. of the Rev. Peter, a physician,
in his will of 25 Mar. 1691, in 49th yr. of his age, as he calls it, of
course younger than his namesake neph. names two eldest ds. Grace and
Margaret, and s. Peter, seven and a quarter yrs. old, but refers to other
childr. without nam. Gershom, and Dorothy, for wh. we are compel. to
turn to the will of his br. Gershom of Wethersfield, wh. was made excor.
of this will, but declin. to act. His est. was small, and two neph. John
and Joseph, wh. resid. at F. undertook admin. and soon gave it up. No
small dexterity is need. to avoid confus. betw. the Peter of Edward, the
Peter of Gershom, wh. I intentional. omit, and the Peter of Peter, wh.
is entit. to a place here, as s. of one wh. came from Eng. THOMAS,
Concord, s. of the first Peter, b. in Eng. freem. 13 Mar. 1639, m. Sarah
of Rev. John Jones, had Sarah, b. 12 Aug. 1640, rem. with f.-in-law
to Fairfield, there d. a. 1658. The wid. m. Anthony Wilson, and after
his d. by her will of 26 Apr. 1677, gave lds. to two s. John and Joseph,
beside books, and other prop. and to ds. Sarah, w. of Eleazer Brown,
Rebecca, w. of Joseph Whepley, and d. Hannah, perhaps unm. books
and other prop. A Thomas B. was, it is said, of Rowley in 1643.
THOMAS, Boston, by w. Esther had Elinor, b. 16 Sept. 1685; and
Thomas, 1 Nov. 1686. Perhaps he rem. WILLIAM, Ipswich 1648, had
William, wh. d. 1660; and he rem. to Salem; d. 2 June 1702, aged 80.
His w. Sarah, wh. came 1643, was, in 1692, with eight more, of wh.
one was her d. nam. Mary Withridge (see Essex Inst. II. 53), indicr.
for witchcraft, but acquit. Felt. Eleven of this nam, oft. writ. Buckley,
had been gr. at Yale in 1834, and only one at Harv. in the same yrs. yet
four bef. the found. of Yale.

    BULL, DAVID, Saybrook, s. of Thomas, m. 27 Dec. 1677, Hannah, d.
of Robert Chapman, had Susanna, b. 4 July 1679; Hannah, 30 Apr.
1681; and Abigail, 16 Mar. 1683, d. at 3 mos. It is believ. the other
ch. d. young. HENRY, Roxbury, came in the James from London,
1635, aged 25, freem. 17 May 1637, rem. to Boston, by fam. tradit. is
deriv. from South Wales; and less worthy tradit. makes him br. of
Thomas of Conn.; the Roxbury ch. rec. says, "being weak and affectionate,
was tak. and transport. with the opin. of familism, &c. as may be
seen in that story," wh. the Roxbury min. Welde, hims. produc. He
was among the Boston majority of heretics disarm. went to R. I. with
Mrs. Hutchinson, was one of the purch. 1638, his being the 18th name
of the signers of the compact or covenant for civ. governm. in that yr.;