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Volume 1, Page 23

    ALDBURG, John, a youth of 14, came in the Francis, 1634, under
William Freeborne. See Alborow.

    ALDEN, DAVID, Duxbury, s. of John of the Mayflower, was rep. 1689
and 90, after the overthrow of Andros; but Farmer was, I doubt, under
mistake in making him Assist. 1690; and Winsor follow. him. His
w. was Mary, d. of Constant Southworth, by wh. he had Benjamin, Samuel,
and Alice, beside Ruth. JOHN, Plymouth, passeng. in the first ship 1620,
had not been assoc. at Leyden with the pilgrims, but was hired at Southampton
as a cooper, with right of staying on this side or return. m. 1623,
Priscilla, d. of William Mullins, wh. as well as his w. d. the first Feb.
after land. We kn. only eight ch. by their names, John, b. perhaps
1623; Joseph, David, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Sarah, Ruth, and Mary; but
in Bradford we find h. and w. liv. in 1650, "and have eleven ch. and
their eldest d. hath five ch." Of these in May 1627, at the div. of cattle,
only John and Elizabeth are named, so that the other nine were b. later,
but their dates of b. are not heard. He liv. most of his days at Duxbury,
was rep. 1641, yet had been chos. an Assist. for the Col. 1633, to
Gov. Winslow, and serv. 42 yrs. in that office, to every Gov. after Carver.
Idly would tradit. attempt to magnify his merit, as the first to jump
upon the rock at Plymouth land. when he was not of the party in the
shallop that discov. the harbor, but contin. on board ship at Cape Cod.
He was the last male surv. of the signers of the compact in that harbor,
Nov. 1620, and d. 12 Sept. 1687, aged 84, or, by other acco. 88. Of the
ds. Elizabeth m. 18 Dec. 1644, William Peabody and d. 3 May 1717, aged
94, says her gr. stone; Sarah m. Alexander Standish; Ruth m. 12 May
(Winsor has it 3 Feb.) 1657, John Bass of Braintree; and Mary m.
Thomas Delano
[1]. JOHN, Duxbury, eldest s. of the preced. rem. to Boston,
where the rec. says, perhaps erroneous. by w. Elizabeth he had Mary, b.
17 Dec. 1659, for that date may be of d. of his u. since 1 Apr. foll.
he m. (I suppose as sec. w.) Elizabeth d. of William Phillips, and wid. of
Abiel Everill, had John, b. 20 Nov. foll. d. soon; Elizabeth 9 May 1662, d.
at 2 mos.; John, again, 12 Mar. 1663; William, 16 Mar. 1664, d. soon;
Elizabeth again, 9 Mar. 1665; William, again, 5 Mar. 1666, d. soon; Zechariah,
8 Mar. 1667, d. soon; William, again, 10 Sept. 1664; Nathaniel,
1670; Zechariah, again, 18 Feb. 1673, H. C. 1692; Nathan, 17 Oct.
1677; and Sarah, 27 Sept. 1681. In the witchcraft madness of 1692,
he suffer. many weeks imprisonm. as Caleb and Hutch. II. 48, relate, yet
recover. from the popul. persecut. and d. 14 Mar. 1702. His d. Elizabeth m.
John Walley, possib. gr.s. of Rev. Thomas; and next 30 Apr. 1702,
Simon Willard, but this union is not clear to me. As his s. John had w.
Elizabeth it is diffic. from the Boston rec. to tell wh. John and Elizabeth had the
latest b. It might as easily be infer. that the witchcraft belong. to the