Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p220

Volume 1, Page 220

Sarah, 20 Aug. 1686; Susanna, 26 Feb. 1689; and Thomas, 6 Feb.
1692. Of this branch is descend. George s. Boutwell, late Gov. of
Mass. THOMAS, Reading, perhaps the same as T. Boutle, wh. was
call. on an import. jury 1646, as appears in N. E. Jonas cast up, pr. in
2 Mass. Hist. Coll. IV. 110. This name is spell. only to vary the accent,
with final e, of wh. form in 1834 four had been gr. in N. E. coll.

    BOUTINEAU, STEPHEN, Boston, a Huguenot merch. came from
Rochelle to Casco, 1686, accomp. his friend Baudouin, 1690, to Boston,
and m. 22 Aug. 1708, his d. Mary, had six s. four ds. it is said, of wh.
in the rec. I find Anna, b. 24 Apr. 1709; James, 27 Jan. 1711; John,
1 Apr 1713; Mary, 5 Aug. 1715; Elizabeth 11 Feb. 1717; Mary. again,
18 Jan. 1719, Stephen, 22 May 1721; Peter; 11 Dec. 1722; Thomas,
11 Oct. 1724; and Isaac, 22 June 1726. He was Elder of the Fr. ch.
and in 1748, unit. with the pastor and few remain. proprs. in alienat.
their est. Willis, I. 185, Snow, 202.

    BOUTON, JOHN, Norwalk 1654, or earlier, m. 1 June 1657, Abigail,
d. of Matthew Marvin, had John, b. 30 Sept. 1659; Matthew, 24 Dec.
1661; Rachel, 15 Dec. 1667; Abigail, 1 Apr. 1670; and Mary, 26
May 1671; but this was 2d w. for he had fam. bef. sett. at Norwalk,
[1] his d. Bridget m. 1665, Daniel Kellogg. He was selectman, rep.
1671, and often after to 1685
[1]; and a fam. tradit. is, that he came in the
Assurance, of London, 1635, aged 20, of course to Boston, went soon to
Hartford. JOHN, Norwalk, s. of the preced. had Jachin, Joseph, and
perhaps, more. Rev. Nathaniel, of Concord, N. H. is a descend. b. at
Norwalk, and in his Addr. on the two hundredth annniv. well sustain. the
pristine charact. of his nat. town. RICHARD, Fairfield, br. of first John,
d. 1665, leav. only ch. Ruth, by w. Ruth. The wid. d. next yr.

    BOWD, JOSEPH, Boston, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 20 Aug. 1657; and
Joseph, 28 Oct. 1659.

New Haven, m. Mary, d. of Edward Banister, was a propr. 1685,
had Hannah, b. 6 May 1677; and ano. d. 1680. JOHN, Boston 1668, a
mason. RICHARD, Boston, by w. Martha had Elizabeth b. 18 May 1661.
WILLIAM, Maine 1642.

    BOWDITCH, JOHN, Boston, m. a. 1682, Temperance, d. of John French
the first of Braintree. She d. 12 Aug. 1720. He prob. had est. at that
part of Boston call. Braintree. WILLIAM, Salem 1639, from Devonsh.
no doubt, as the fam. name is there freq. had gr. of ld. 1643, by w. Sarah
had Nathaniel, bapt. 12 Feb. 1643; but left only ch. William, prob. older,
possib. b. in Eng. an officer of the customs, under the col. admin. whose
d. Oct. 1681, was sudden, as well as untimely. See Col. Rec. V. 324, for
he prudent act of the governm. His sole surv. ch. William, b. Sept. 1663,
was emin. at Salem, for usefulness, m. 30 Aug. 1688, Mary, d. of
Thomas Gardner, d. 28 May 1728. This third William had seven ch.
but of the s. Ebenezer; b. 26 Apr. 1703, m. 15 Aug. 1728, Mary, d. of