Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p194


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Volume 1, Page 194

* WILLIAM, Dorchester, eldest s. of the preced. b. in Eng. had Samuel, b.
14 May 1650; Ann, 6 Mar. 1653; Mary, 20 Mar. 1655; and William,
22 Feb. prob. 1657; Nathaniel, 4 July 1659; Edward, 13 Apr. 1662;
Experience, 17 June 1665; beside Susan, wh. d. 4 May 1676; and at Milton
(lately set off from D.), of unkn. date, Mehitable. All these, exc.
William, wh. had been press. 1675, for a soldier in Philip's war, and
enroll. in Moseley's comp. and prob. d. of the hardships of the Narragansett
serv. are nam. in his will of 23 June 1703. From this we learn
all the surnames of h's of his ds. Ann, m. 18 Dec. 1676, Thomas Gilbert,
the only one of wh. I learn the date or bapt. name; however
strange such ignorance may appear. The others are call. Mary Willis,
Experience Carver; and Mehitable Briggs. He was rep. for M. sev.
yrs. His wid. Hannah, d. of Thomas Tolman wh. certain. was not
mo. of the earliest ch. had been w. of George Lyon, d. 4 Aug. 1729,
aged 87 yrs. At the N. E. coll. in 1830, Farmer found thirteen gr. of
this name, eleven of them at Harv.

    BLAKEMAN, ADAM (as I saw that he wrote at the University, as he
usual. did after, tho. some of his descend. would have it Blackman), b. in
Staffordsh. was bred at Christ's Coll. Oxford, being matricul. 28 May
1617, in his 19th yr. preach. in the Cos. of Leicester and Derby bef. he
came over, wh. was a. 1638, and was soon after at Guilford, but in 1640
bec. the first min. of Stratford. His ch. exc. Benjamin, were prob. all b. in
Eng. and he d. 7 Sept. 1665; and the wid. Jane d. 1673. Lechford, 43,
miscalls him Blackwell. In the Magn. III. 94, c. 7, Mather exults at
his chance for a pun; Trumbull tells something; and the ch. rec. of Roxbury,
a little; but we rejoice in his will of 16 Mar. 1665, as copious in
informat. One d. and five s. Mary, James, Samuel, Benjamin, John,
and Deliverance are ment. in it; and from later report the last was a
wild youth, wh. gave his mo. much disquiet. His Latin bks. he would
give to Joshua Atwater, s. of his d. Mary, if he were educ. for the min.
tho. first intend. for s. Benjamin, wh. first chose ano. way of life; yet,
in the end, the gr.s. refus. the legacy, ana Benjamin took to learn.
BENJAMIN, Malden, youngest s. of the preced. after gr. at coll. 1663,
was preach. at M. and there ord. 1674; m. 1 Apr. 1675 (not Sarah, as
strangely is seen in the rec. of M., but) Rebecca, d. of Joshua Scottow,
wh. d. as her gr.stone tells, 21 Mar. 1715. He gave up his pulpit 1678,
rem. next yr. to Saco, there was a magistr. but he for some short term
preach. at Scarborough. During the great French and Ind. war being
driv. to Boston, he serv. 1683, as rep. for S. but contin. to live at B.
At 3d ch. were bapt. his ch. Benjamin, 13 Sept. 1685; and Rebecca,
14 Apr. 1689. See Belkn. I. 125; and Hutch.I. 364. DELIVERANCE,
Stonington, s. of Rev. Adam, b. in Eng. d. 20 Apr. 1702, leav.
Adam, b. 1687; and Hannah, 1693; by w. Hannah, and he d. 1702.
EBENEZER, Stratford, 9. of John the first, m. 4 Oct. 1681,