Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p189


Volume 1, Page 189

See Blake. JOHN, Charlestown 1634, with w. Susanna, adm. of the ch.
4 Jan. foll. yet not being nam. by Frothingham causes a doubt as to
resid. but he was adm. freem. 29 May 1644. At Salem, Felt finds a
John, 1636, wh. he thinks the same and freem. 6 Mar. 1632, wh. seems
inconsist., had Lydia, bapt. 25 Dec. 1636, d. soon; Lydia, again, 3 June,
1638; and ano. d. 27 Nov. 1640, not nam. on the rec. He d. at Beverly,
16 Mar. 1675, in 66th yr. and his wid. Freeborn d. 1681, aged 46[1].
JOHN, Beverly, s. prob. of the preced. freem. 1670. MILES, Sandwich
1643. RICHARD, freem. of Mass. 1645. Not seldom this name is
confus. with Blake.

    BLACKBURNE, WALTER, Boston 1640, had, perhaps liv. at Roxbury,
was of ar. co. 1638, freem. 22 May 1639, went home 1641, leav. w. Elizabeth
but whether the h. came back, or she foll. him, no means of telling are
within reach.

    BLACKFORD, NICHOLAS, Newport, among, the freem. of 1655.

    BLACKLEACH, BENJAMIN, Cambridge, m. Dorcas, d. of Nathaniel Bonman,
had Nathaniel, and Benjamin, as from the will of the f. of their
mo. is learn. The wid. m. a March. JOHN, Salem 1634, freem. 6
May 1635, an active merch. rep. 1636, by w. Elizabeth beside John, had
Exercise, bapt. 24 Jan. 1637; Joshua, 23 Feb. 1639; Elizabeth 12 Dec.
1641, d. soon; Benoni, May 1643; Elizabeth again, 4 Aug. 1614; and Solomon;
rem. to Boston, where his d. Exercise m. 24 Aug. 1660, Richard
Rasor; thence rem. to Hartford, went home prob. in 1678 (unless it
were his s. John, that went) but next yr. came again, and d. at Wethersfield,
23 Aug. 1683. His w. Elizabeth d. a few weeks earlier. JOHN,
Boston, s. of the preced. by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 25 May 1659; John,
b. 1660, rem. next yr. to Hartford, there bot. of his f. the est. that Elder
Goodwin sold him, went to Eng. in 1678, but next yr. emb. for Boston, 8 Mar.
in the Mayflower, with a ch. wh. may have been sent there for educat. and,
after long resid. at Wethersfield, d. 9 Sept. 1703, aged 77, and the rec. is prob;
aggrav. by 10 yrs. His wid. d. 1708, aged 74. His ds. then were Elizabeth
Harris, and Mary Olcott, w. of John, wh. had first been wid. of Thomas
Welles, and after d. of O. was w. of Joseph Wadsworth the intrepid
preserver of the Col. Chart. in the famous Charter Oak of Hartford.
His s. John d. 1700, leaving only s. John. RICHARD, Stratford 1685,
then call. hims. 30 yrs. old. He m. Dec. 1680 Abigail, eldest d. of John
Hudson of New Haven
, wh. d. Mar. 1713, had Richard, Jael, and Joseph.
He m. 1717, a wid. wh. had two hs. bef. and he d. 1731. WILLIAM, Boston,
perhaps transient resid. for short period betw. 1641 and 9. Sometimes this
name appears Blacklidge.

    BLACKLEY, or BLAKESLEY, EDWARD. See Blakesley. JOHN, New
Haven, eldest s. of Samuel, m. Grace, d. of Moses Ventris, had John, b. 15
July 1676; Hannah, 6 Aug. 1681; Mary, 15 May 1683; and perhaps others. SAMUEL,
New Haven, m. 3 Dec. 1650, Hannah Potter, liv. first at Guilford, there had