Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p188


Volume 1, Page 188

had w. Elizabeth and only d. Elizabeth perhaps only ch. and d. 23 Nov. 1640.
His will, of 30 Oct. preced. leav. to Rev. Robert Fordham a fellow passeng.
memo. of kindness, giv. in abstr. Geneal. Rtg. 11. 263, leads me to
feel sure, that he had not long been in the country, and prob. that William
wh. d. 5 Oct. 1640, was his s. More than 3/5 of his inv. of prop.
£271. 2. 2. was in money. His wid. d. 1 July 1672, and his d. had m.
13 Dec. 1650, John Briscoe of Watertown.

    BITTS, JAMES, Boston, "the Scotchman," to wh. Capt. Keayne, in
Dec. 1653, by codic. to his will, gave 20S. Perhaps he was a prisoner,
taken in the battle of Dunbar, 3 Sept. 1650, sent over the yr. after to be
sold here (of whose recept. here Cotton wrote to the Ld. General Cromwell
in that curious letter, preserv. in the invalu. vol. call. Hutch. Coll.),
for of that cargo of human flesh we have no invoice; while his name is
not seen in the doleful consignm. of 272 others by the John and Sarah,
suppl. from the fatal field of Worcester, call. Cromwell's crowning mercy,
in the foll. yr.

    BIXBY, DANIEL, Andover, m. 2 Dec. 1674, Hannah, prob. d. of
Thomas Chandler of the same, had Daniel, Thomas, David, and Joseph,
b. respectiv. 18 Sept. 1675; 18 Dec. 1681; 15 Feb. 1688; and 5 Mar. 1696;
beside the ds. Hannah, 13 Dec. 1679; Sarah, 19 Jan. 1683; Mehitable, 3 Apr.
1690; and Mary, 10 Apr. 1693; and d. 1717. JONATHAN, Newton 1691, s. of
Joseph the sec. by w. Rachel, m. 1709, had Rachel, perhaps others, certain.
Hannah, posthum. 30 Apr. 1715, he having d. 1714, prob. under mid. age. In
Hist. of N. Jackson could find little of him to tell. JOSEPH, Salisbury, an early
sett. m. 1617, Sarah, wid. of Luke Heard, wh. came from Assington, Co. Suff.
and her maid. name was Wyatt, as Farmer tells; was then of Ipswich,
and Rowley bef. 1667, but I can tell no more. JOSEPH, Boxford, perhaps s.
of the preced. m. 1682, Sarah Gould, had Sarah, Joseph, Jonathan,
George, Daniel, Benjamin, Mary, and Abigail, and d. a. 1704. NATHANIEL,
Ipswich 1637, of wh. Mr. Felt can tell me no more. THOMAS,
Salem 1636; and equal. short is the tale for him. Very freq. is the name
in our early rec. Bisby or Bigsbee, as it was pronounc. and not rarely is
heard in our day. A wid. Mary B. was receiv. into Boston ch. 20 June
1640; but of wh. she had been w. is not found.

    BLACHLEY, AARON, Branford, m. 1686, Sarah, wid. of Robert Foot.
Moses and THOMAS, of the same town, engag. 1667, in form. ch. covenant,
prob. were brs.

    BLACK, DANIEL, Rowley 1680, in the pt. wh. bec Boxford. One of
the prisoners, after the sad gleanings at Worcester fight, 3 Sept. 1651,
sent over here for sale by the John and Sarah, bore this name, and may
be the sufferer possib. but not prob. as near all of the poor fellows d. bef.
his date, of homesickness or the scurvy. GEORGE, Gloucester, by w.
Dorothy, had Thomas, b. 9 June 1658, d. soon; and Ruth, 3 Sept.
1659. HENRY, freem. of Mass. 1645, of wh. no more is heard by me.