Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p172


Volume 1, Page 172

Co. Kent, in O. E. names gr.-gr.childr. Mary, Thankful, and Patience,
ds. of said Thomas Brown, also other ch. of his d. Mary, seven in num.
viz. William, Edmund, Hopestill, Susanna, Elizabeth Sarah, beside the eldest
Mary, w. of Benjamin Rice of S. and her s. Ebenezer, his also
d. Alice, w. of John Bourne of Marshfield, m. 18 July 1645, and her s.
Thomas, the oldest ch. and Sarah, the youngest, and the other sis. without
more exact designat. also Experience, s. of Joseph and Elizabeth Bent;
made William and Edmund, s. of his d. Mary, excors. and Capt. Hopestill
Foster of Dorchester, overseer. His d. Alice d. May 1686. In
rec. of O. E. this name is very common. Besbeech, but in N. E. is
become Bisby or Bisbee.

    BESSEY, ANTHONY, Lynn, came in the James 1635, from London,
aged 26, rem. 1637 to Sandwich, was many yrs. active in holy serv. to
the Ind. See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. IV. 184. His will of 10 Feb. 1657,
names w. Jane, ch. Ann, Mary, Elizabeth Nehemiah, and David; this last
was b. 23 May 1649. His d. Ann m. sec. Andrew Hallet as sec. w.
The inv. of his est. was taken 21 May 1657. His wid. m. next.
yr. George Barlow, and in her last will, 6 Aug. 1693, pro. 5 Oct.
foll. names all the same ch. exc. Mary and David (wh. in that long
interval may have d.) call. Ann Hallet, and Elizabeth Bodfish; but she adds to
the list of ch. s. John, and d. Rebecca Hunter with ds. of said Rebecca,
Alice, and Rebecca. Now this w. of Hunter was m. 17 Feb. 1671, and
she was therefore b. bef. the m. of Barlow with her mo.

    BEST, JOHN, Salem, a tailor, came in the Hercules 1635, from Sandwich,
was of the parish of St. George, city of Canterbury. JOHN, Salem,
a currier, prob. s. of the preced. m. 10 Oct. 1670, Susanna Duren, had
John, b. 5 Sept. 1671 or 2; and Susanna, 28 Jan. 1674. John sen. and
John jr. were witnes. in the said witch cr. trial of Ann Pudeater, wh. was
hang. ROBERT, Sudbury, whose name is writ. Beast, by Barry, 184;
in his will names not w. or ch. but only cous. William Hunt, and his
five ch. Samuel, Nehemiah, Isaac, Elizabeth and Hannah.

    BESWICK, GEORGE, Wethersfield, d. 1672.

    BETSCOMBE or BETSHAM, RICHARD, Hingham 1635, freem. 9 Mar.
1637, had Ann, bapt. Aug. 1639. His w. d. 6 June, 1644.

    BETTS, JOHN, Cambridge 1640, prob. came 1634, aged 40, in the
Francis from Ipswich, when the custom ho. officer spell. his name
Beetes. See Boston News Letter of 1826, I. 266. In 1642 he had sh.
in "the farms," now Lexington, and d. 21 Feb. 1663, leav. I presume,
no ch. Of his est. only £67. 4. 8. by inv. the wid. Elizabeth had admin. and
she d. 2 Jan. 1664, in her will of 10 Dec. preced. givn ho. to John Bridge,
and legacies to more than 50. Bridge, wh. d. above a yr. later, in his
will speaks of his sis. Betts. This man seems to me the same as he wh.
made propos. to our Gov. and Comp. in London, July, 1629, of divers
things for the good and advancement of the planta. and the benefit of the
comp. See Col. Rec. I. 48, or Young's Chron. of Mass. 84. JOHN,
Wethersfield, bef. 1648 had John, wh. d. at Huntington, L. I. 1697, a d.
Abigail, and perhaps others, by w. Abigail, from wh. he obtain. a divorce
in 1672. Prob. he was s. of a wid. Mary at Hartford 1640, and sev.
yrs. after. JOHN, Charlestown 1678, had w. Mary, wh. d. 5 Feb. 1679;
and sec. w. 17 June foll. Elizabeth had Mary, b.8 Mar. 1680; Richard, 21 Oct.
1681; and Margaret, 5 Jan. 1683;and he d. 22 May 1684. His wid. m. John
Fosdick and d. 27 Sept. 1717, aged 60.