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Volume 1, Page 134

Newton 1688, had been of Boston, where he had good est. and was a ropemaker,
by w. Margaret had Margaret; John, b. 5 Sept. 1686; and others,
for wh. the rec. of b. furnishes no light. He d. 1729, aged 86, leav. wid.
wh. d. 1731, aged 87. Jackson, in his will of 1729, finds two ds. if not
three, as Margaret Simpkins, and Ruth Cook, gr.s. Thomas Stanton, together
with gr.s. James, John, Samuel, and Michael, a rememb. The
four last may be thot. s. of John. His d. Margaret had m. 23 Dec. 1699,
Robert Calef. JOHN, Salem, s. prob. of the preced. a physician, m. 90
Apr. 1676, Lydia Roberts, perhaps d. of Thomas of Boston, had John, b.
2 Feb. 1677, d. in 5 days; John, again, 30 Jan. 1678, d. young; Thomas,
7 or 17 July 1680; Zaccheus, 1 Apr. 1683; Elizabeth Oct. 1685; and Samuel, 30
Aug. 1688. He was a capt. went home more than once, and d. on a
voyage to Bermuda. Thomas and Samuel were men of good repute in
Salem, the former a physician, many yrs. town clk. col. of the reg. m. 10
May 1710, Mary, gr.d. of Dept. Gov. Willoughby, had John, H. C. 1730;
and d. 28 Apr. 1751; the latter had two ws. Mary Butler, and Elizabeth
Marston, and d. 13 Mar. 1772. MARMADUKE, of some part of Mass.
was in 1643, condemn. to slavery, and to be brand. but in the Col. Rec.
II. 16, the offence is not set out. MATTHEW, Salem, 58 yrs. old in 1709,
by w. Sarah had Susanna, b. 10 May 1680; Matthew, b. 6 Nov. 1682. Sarah,
1 Apr. 1685; and Elizabeth 20 Apr. 1687. RUFUS, Providence, had fled from
persecut. by the Dutch at Manhattan, and sat down 1640, at Portsmouth,
R. I. In Winthrop II. 323 is a let. from him to the Gov. in 1648, and a few mos.
after he d. in such a manner, as caus. one to be charg. with his murder, but without
convict. By the town council of P. as Judge Brayton assures me, a sort
of distrib. as testamenta. of his est. was made 20 Mar. 1666 to the ch.
Elizabeth Benjamin, wh. was then under 21 yrs. of age and Phebe, with wid.
Margaret, wh. m. Walter Todd. Phebe m. 23 May 1671, Richard Codner
of Swanzey. SAMUEL, Salem 1692, s. prob. of James, a physician,
not unemploy. in the infernal cases of witcher. STEPHEN, Bristol, perhaps s.
of the preced. or of Thomas, was rep. 1690, at Plymouth, Ct. and under the
new chart. 1692, at Boston. THOMAS, Mass. 1616, may have been br. of

    BARTRAM, JOHN, Stratford, had Hannah, b. 1668, perhaps other ch.
and d. 1675. THOMAS, Charlestown, by Elizabeth wh. d. 21 Jan. 1673, had
Elizabeth b. five days bef. wh. d. in July foll. WILLIAM, Lynn, by w. Sarah
had Rebecca, and Esther, tw. b. 3 Apr. 1658; and Ellen, 17 Oct. 1660;
perhaps rem. to Swanzey 1669. Baylies, III. 241. Yet I doubt the Swanzey
man may have been ano. Esther m. 18 June 1677, John Newhall of L.

    BASCOM, THOMAS, Dorchester 1634, came perhaps in July 1633 with
the comp. that sat down at D. then, tho. Dr. Harris wish. to number him
as of 1630, rem. to Windsor, there had Abigail, bapt. 7 June 1640; Thomas,
20 Feb. 1642; Hepzibah, 14 Apr. 1644; rem. to Northampton, a. 1661,
and there d. 9 May 1682. An elder d. Hannah m. John Broughton, and,
next, William James; Abigail m. 2 Dec. 1656, John Ingersol; and Hepzibah
m. 1662, Robert Lyman. His wid. Avis d. 1676. THOMAS,