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Volume 1, Page 105

20 Sept. 1670, Mildred, d. of Rev. Peter Prudden of the same, of Wh. I
regret to be able to tell only that he was liv. 1713. SYLVESTER, the
passeng. wh. d. 1635, on the voyage of the Martin from Eng. to Boston,
was s. of Richard of St. Leonards in the parish of Aston Clinton, near
Wendover in Co. Bucks, where his f. by will of 18 Feb. 1632, had given
him a cottage and close, wh. his wid. (wh. had m. John Astwood, and was
then his wid.) gave 1 Oct. 1666 to Edward Baldwin of Guilford, Co. Surrey,
call. him "kinsman." He brot. w. Sarah, and perhaps all his ch.
(exc. Richard), ds. Sarah, Mary, Martha, Ruth, and s. John. "On the main
ocean, bound for N. E." his nuncup. will was made 21 June, and pro. 13
July of that yr. bef. Dept. Gov. Dudley by oaths of Chad Brown, Francis
Bolt, James Weedon, and John Baldwin, presumed to be his s. The est.
was good, and provision liberal for the six ch. as well as the wid. to wh.
with s. Richard our Gen. Ct. 4 Sept. foll. commit. the admin. After some
time liv. at New Haven, and Milford, she m. 1640, Capt. John Astwood
of M. when her prop. was valu. at £800, beside sev. parcels of ld. She
long outliv. him, and in her will of 9, pro. 20 Nov. 1669, she provides for
s. John, and John his s. for Sylvanus, s. of her s. Richard, dec. and three
of her ds. (one prob. hav. d.) of wh. two were m. Sarah, first w. of Benjamin
Fenn, and Mary, wid. of Robert Plum, beside six gr.ds. THEOPHILUS,
Milford, s. of Richard of the same, m. 8 Feb. 1683, Elizabeth Campfield,
perhaps d. of Thomas, and d. 1698, leav. four ch. Abigail, aged 14; Martha, 8;
Theophilus, 4; and Hezekiah, 1. THOMAS, Newport 1652, on freem's. list
1655. THOMAS, Norwich, s. of John of Guilford, m. 1684, Sarah, d. of John
Caulkins, wh. d. next yr. and he m. 1692, Abigail Lay, prob. d. of John of Lyme,
by her had four s. and four ds. Of this Norwich stock descend. it is thot. the late
Rev. Dr. B. of Boston, Hon. Simeon, and Gov. Roger S. Baldwin, gent.
of high repute in Conn. TIMOTHY, Milford 1639, had right in New
Haven 1640 to lot of ld. had first w. Mary, wh. d. 21 July 1647, and he
m. 1649, wid. Mary Mepham, relict of John, of Guilford; by the first he
had Mary, bapt. 1643, wh. m. 21 Oct. 1660, Benjamin Smith; Hannah,
1614, wh. m. 12 Dec. 1667, as his sec. w. Elnathan Botsford; Sarah,
1645, wh. m. 14 Dec. 1663, Samuel Buckingham. He had by the sec. w.
Abigail, b. 1650, d. at 10 yrs.; Ann, 1655, d. soon; and Timothy, 1658;
and d. 17 Jan. 1665. His wid. took third h. Thomas Tappin,. The
only s. liv. at M. TIMOTHY, Woburn, s. of Henry the first of the same, by
w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 29 May 1688; Timothy, 20 Nov. 1689; Ralph, 28
June 1691; Hannah, wh. d. 6 Sept. 1692; and he rem. to Stoneham,
there was liv. 1726. Of this name Yale counts her gr. up to 1834, thirtyfour,
while at Harv. and Dart. only three ca. and seven only at all the
other N. E. coll. if Farmer be correct, as usual.

    BALL, ALLEN, ALLIN. or ALLING, New Haven 1643, by w. Dorothy