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Unknown Ship (March 1631)
vij Marcij 1631. The names of such Men as are to be transported to New England to be resident there uppon a plantacon, have tendred and taken the oath of allegeance according to the Statute, vizt.
Sailed: vij March 1631 from London? Captain not named.
Arrived: April-May 1631 at New England.

Passengers: Thomas Thomas, Thomas Woodford, John Smallie, John Whetston, Wm Hill, Willm Perkins, Walter Harris, Joseph Mannering, John Levins, Thomas Olliver, John Olliver, Thomas Haeward, Edmond Wynsloe, John Hart, Willm Norton, Robert Gamlin

Resources: Primary Sources: "The Founders of New England," NEHGR 14:300.