Talk:List of Long Hunters

I thought you might be interested in this page about Benjamin Cutbirth: --Janiejac 15:30, 6 January 2008 (EST)

Thanks, I'll look into this a bit more. The definition of a "Long Hunter" is fairly specific. There were lots of men hunting westward fairly early on, even before the 1767 date for Benjamin Cutbirth, but that doesn't necessarily make him (or them) one of the "Long Hunters", at least as defined by Hamilton. The Long Hunters were a fairly organized bunch, banding together to hunt in SW VA, Northern TN, and beyond the Cumberland Gap. Possibly Cutbright should be included amongst their number. The page you point to doesn't include any mention of the commonly accepted Long Hunters being on this trip with Benjamin. I have to check with Thwaite on what he has to say about him. On the otherhand, there's probably no point in being overly restrictive in the definition of "Long Hunter". I'm basically following Hamilton in this, but perhaps his definition is too restrictive. Alternatively, perhaps what is needed is a page dealing with ALL of the early hunters and explorers in the Southwest VA. area. I appreciate having you point this out, as at a minimum Cutbright's story is worth presenting---especially since there Documentation for it in the Draper MSC. Thanks again, Bill 19:58, 6 January 2008 (EST)

Found a reference to Long Hunter Michael Stoner (Steiner) here: "As the other settlers, Patrick Porter, William Cowan, John Cowan and John Snoddy, he settled on Indian land, and many of the land titles were not recorded until after the Revolutionary War. Other early settlers of Castle's Woods were: Joseph Moore, William Moore, John Smith, Nathaniel Gist, David Gass, James Anderson and James Wharton. Among these Scotch-Irish and English was another German, Michael Stoner (original German name, Steiner). Stoner was a long-hunter, an associate of Daniel Boone, and soon moved on to Kentucky."

Can't help but think of you when I run onto something like this. --Janiejac 22:56, 20 May 2009 (EDT)

thanks again. I appreciate the pointer. Michael Stoner is another one that I need to work on. Frederlick Fraley too, though he's not a LongHunter, he was important in the castle's Woods community in the early years. Q 13:52, 21 May 2009 (EDT)