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"Tibbets, Tybbot or Tebbets, with sev. var. spell. Ephraim, Dover, s. of Jeremy, m. Rose, d. of Thomas Austin, had Ephraim, b. 31 Dec. 1694; Ann, 8 July 1698; Henry, 29 July 1700; Abigail, 12 Aug. 1701; Joseph, 14 Oct. 1702; Elisha, 16 Feb. 1705; Aaron, 26 Feb. 1706; Mary, 16 Nov. 1709; Elijah, 23 Mar. 1711; Rose, 4 Feb. 1713; and Eliz. 30 Oct. 1716. Henry, Dover 1643, came in the James from London, 1635, aged 39, with Eliz. 39; Remembrance 28; one of wh. may perhaps have been his w. and one sis.; Jeremy 4; and Samuel, 2. In the ship's clearance he is call. shoemaker. Where he first sat down is unkn. He support. jurisdict. of Mass. in 1665; by w. Mary had Rebecca wh. m. Thomas Nock; also Thomas; and perhaps others; d. prob 1678. Henry, Wickford or Westerly, in 1670 was made a constable by auth. of Conn. but in the obscure controv. a. bounds between the Cols. of Conn. and R.I. he was claim. by both parties. Henry, Dover, prob. youngest s. of Jeremy by w. Joyce had Benjamin, b. 31 Oct 1700; Edward, 2 Feb. 1703; Paul, 26 June 1705; and Susanna, 31 Oct. 1707. Jeremy, eldest s. of Henry the first, b. 1631 in Eng. stood up in 1665 for jurisdict. of Mass. m. Mary, d. by the first w. of Thomas Canney, had Jeremiah, b. 5 June 1656; Mary, 15 Apr. 1658; Thomas, 24 Feb. 1660; Hannah, 25 Feb. 1662; Joseph, 7 Aug. 1663; Samuel; Benjamin; Ephraim; Martha; Eliz wh. m. John Bickford; Nathaniel; and Henry; was keeper of the gaol 1670. He made his will 5 May 1677, in wh. he names w. and all these ch. exe. Thomas. Joseph, Dover, br. of Ephraim, by w. Eliz. had Eliz. b. 10 Mar. 1697; Margery, 18 Jan 1701; Judith, 3 Feb 1708; Lydia, 4 Aug. 1704; Joseph, 2 Feb 1707; and his w. d. three wks aft. In 1711 he m. 2d w. Catherine Mason, had Catherine, 24 Aug. 1713; Mary, 11 Oct. 1716; and Hannah, 23 June 1721. Nathaniel, Dover, s. of Henry the first, by w. Eliz. had Bridget, b. 26 Sept. 1700 and perhaps more; was tak. by the Ind. 2 Aug. 1706. Samuel, Dover, br. of the preced. m. 1 Sept 1686, Dorothy Tuttle, prob. d. of the first John of the same, had Samuel, and perhaps others. Thomas, Dover, br. of the preced. m. 6 July 1684, Judith, d. of John Dam, had John, b. 29 Aug 1685; Thomas, 4 Nov. 1687; Ephraim, 4 Mar. 1690; Eliz. 8 Sept. 1692, d. next mo.; Samuel, 8 Oct 1693; Eliz. again, 25 July 1696; Moses, 27 Jan 1701; and Abigail, 2 Sept. 1705. Walter, Gloucester, the freem. of 19 May 1642, was selectman that and three foll. yrs. d. 14 Aug. 1651. His d. Mary, the only ch. whose name is kn. m. 6 Nov. 1643, William Haskell, tho. it may be presum. that he had ano. d. Agnes, for he was at his d. call. f.-in-law of Edward Clark, her h. and his will of 5 June 1651, mak. w. extrix. names Richard Dike, Joseph and William Haskell, John and Joseph Clark, beside Eliz. Dike, perhaps mo. prob. sis. of Richard, Elinor Luscombe and Salome Trill. I am ign of the last two."

Source:Savage, James, A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, v4/299-300