Source:Zubrinsky, Eugene. Carpenter Sketches

Source Carpenter Sketches
Links to Sketches And Articles Representing the Most Current and Reliable Scholarship Concerning Early Generations of the Carpenter Families of Rehoboth, Massachusetts, and Providence, Rhode Island and Their Ancestors
Author Zubrinsky, Eugene Cole
Place England
Rhode Island
Year range 1575 - 1750
Surname Bennett, Briant, Carpenter, Palmer, Redway, Sales, Smith, Sutton, Titus
Subject Biography
Publication information
Type Article
Publisher Carpenters' Encyclopedia of Carpenters
Date issued 2008
Number of Volumes 12 sketches
References / Cites & primary sources in each sketch cited.
Zubrinsky, Eugene Cole. Carpenter Sketches: Links to Sketches And Articles Representing the Most Current and Reliable Scholarship Concerning Early Generations of the Carpenter Families of Rehoboth, Massachusetts, and Providence, Rhode Island and Their Ancestors. (Carpenters' Encyclopedia of Carpenters, 2008).
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These 12 "Carpenter Sketches" and the supporting articles are part of the Carpenters' Encyclopedia of Carpenters.

Each biography type sketch contains primary sources and notes. These sketches are updated periodically by the author.

Gene Zubrinsky spent over 30 months delving into primary sources to help correct and update the two William Carpenter immigrant families that came from England in the mid 1630s to Rhode Island and Massachusetts. He updates the article as needed.

UPDATE: In March of 2023 - Gene Zubrinsky found evidence of William1 Shalbourne being alive about Jan 1640/1641 in Weymouth. This should now put an end to undocumented stories of him returning to England or dying enroute to America in 1638. For details please see the updates to the Carpenter Sketches for him (William1) and his son William2 of Rehoboth. See:

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While 'Source Notes' are sketch specific, the same abbreviations are consistent in all sketches. If a 'WeRelate' article gives an abbreviation, an expansion of that abbreviation is given below. If an abbreviation is not here, please refer to the original sketch notes and add it to this listing.


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Gene Zubrinsky ( has contributed many articles, including four Carpenter pieces, to the leading genealogical journals and local-history magazines.