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The Carpenters’ Encyclopedia (CE) of Carpenters is an ongoing study that combines genealogy, the linking of names, with family history research, the stories behind the names. Details are dependent on the section of genealogy submitted. The CE compliments and supports the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project.

The CE is copyrighted to prevent commercial use and to protect the submitter's data. Use for private and family genealogical studies and family history work is encouraged provided the source (CE) is properly documented. People are encouraged to update various Carpenter and related lines by submitting them to the compiler. This includes books and articles on Carpenters & related lines. Submitters are asked to sign a release for inclusion of printed material.



The CE is a long term project that has its roots from December of 1976 when the compiler sketched out his first pedigree of four generations for his Church.

The Carpenter CD Project was started in 1996. The input from other Carpenters and researchers resulted in a series of updates. The significant updates included the CE CD 2001, supporting "Carpenter Sketches"] as the CE 2008 Update and CE 2009 data DVD.

CE CD 2001

The CE CD 2001 was a two compac disc collection of what had been published and documented by over 792 individuals who submitted Carpenter data in one way or the other. It was published in April of 2001 as a 2 CD set. The main data file and GEDCOM contained over 88,000 Carpenter and related family names.

Its primary focus was on the English Carpenter line. It did include other lines but secondarily.

The individuals who provided Carpenter genealogy and histories, most of whom have never met the compiler face to face, have freely added information to build up the Carpenter Family. As the compiler mentioned in his intro, "one way or the other, we have compiled this work. This is an encyclopedia of Carpenters covering the major and minor branches of the English Carpenter family. One hundred percent of the CE CD data is compiled by those dedicated Carpenter Researchers who shared their data for the present and the future."

What was contained in the CE CD 2001, 99% was transferred to the next major CE update in 2009.

CE 2009 DVD

In March of 2009, the CE 2009 data DVD was published. The CE has grown to include not only different Carpenter lines, but it is heading toward a “One Name” type project that includes Zimmerman and other related names. Over 1,000 people have contributed to this CE.

The Carpenter’s Encyclopedia of Carpenters 2009 is on DVD data format due to its size of about 3.6 Gigabytes of data. The CE has expanded past the English Carpenter study and containing many non-English Carpenters.

While this includes Carpenters and Zimmermans, there are also other name variants. Why? Because they are related or inter-married into the Carpenter Cousins lines.

The compiler wrote that the CE "... is not only for present researchers, but future Carpenter Cousins researchers." The CE CD of 2001 was a study of Carpenters of English Descent with some history on the French Ancestral Origins. This includes related Carpenter family lines to show their interconnection.

Genealogical details are dependent on the section of genealogy submitted. Some provide sources, some do not. Most sources are in the notes. The compiler stress, "Please read the notes." Conflicting information, child reassignments, deletions, concerns and other information are in the notes. There have been changes since the CE 2001, some very important. "Read the notes."

What is the single most important difference between the CE CD 2001 and CE 2009 versions? In one word it is, “pruning.” Going from “what is out there” to what can be confirmed is part of pruning poorly grafted limbs to help the Carpenter Family to grow properly. This has resulted in several trees of genealogy and family history, with many supported by DNA research. They are all "Carpenter Cousin trees."

For example, part of the pruning involves old English wills. Many were researched and some translation errors were found when compared to previous Carpenter research efforts. The Rev. Richard Carpenter-2781 (RIN 2781 in the data file) in his 1503 will had reportedly had two “sons” listed. Careful reading of that will revealed that the two “sons” were two “svnts” or servants. A copy of that will is in the Will sub-folder of the Books, Articles, Wills & such folder along with other wills. This cut the English line significantly.

Another major impact on the CE 2009 was the “Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project.” That was started in 2002 and a copy (March 2009) of what is online is in the folder “Carpenter Cousins YDNA Project.” DNA has found Carpenter lines that have been misidentified in previous genealogies and has helped many researchers narrow their search focus using DNA. As of March 2009, more than 200 people have submitted their Carpenter Y-DNA for this all volunteer effort. No one gets paid anything for this Y-DNA effort, all are volunteers, including Group Administrators, Jim Carpenter (founding member), John F. Chandler (web page & our DNA guru), Terry L. Carpenter (Southern Carpenter guru) and John R. Carpenter (compiler of the CE and contact person.

All genealogical or family history research has mistakes. This CE has had almost 1,000 people like you contribute to it. So be aware of the following disclaimer. The genealogical information provided in the CE 2009 was submitted by individuals researching their family lines. Accordingly, the accuracy of the genealogical information cannot be guaranteed and should be independently confirmed using other sources.

Contents of the CE 2009

The CE 2009 DVD contains the main GEDCOM (GEnealogical Data COMunication version 5.5) of over 122,000 names and older miscellaneous data files. It contains hundreds of pictures. Most of these pictures use identification numbers called "RIN" to associate them with same ID numbers used in the main data file and GEDCOM. ID numbers in the CE CD 2001 and the CE 2009 are consistent. The pictures include individuals, families, locations, tombstones, census film, and even Coat of Arms for the different lines.

Books, Articles, Wills & such

Most of this material has been digitally scanned using the jpeg picture format. Scanning rates were from 200 DPI to 300 DPI. Attempts at OCR were provided in some cases, and retyping in other cases.


THE ANCESTRY AND DESCENDANTS OF COL. SOLOMON CARPENTER OF GOSHEN, NEW YORK. 1974. (Descendants of Col. Solomon Carpenter (1690-1762) of Goshen, New York) (OCRed and scanned pages)

Calvin Loomis Carpenter, 1808-1886, Middlesex, Yates County, NY to Athens, Calhoun County, MI : fifth child of Robert Carpenter and Phebe McNair ; his ancestors and descendants Carpenter, Elma Wisnieski , published 1999.

Carpenter Connections. By Irma Carpenter Jackson of Annandale, VA - published 1992 by Gateway Press, INC., Baltimore, MD. LOC 92-71300. 555 pages. Copyright 1992. This book covers about 10 generations of Carpenters and Related Family names with good source documentation and has a very good index of names. This book is the record of Jonathan Carpenter of Rutherford , North Carolina and His Descendants.

Carpenter Kinfolks: Descendants of Daniel and Martha (Marlar) Carpenter of old Tishomingo County, Mississippi Carpenter, Terry L. (Terry Lee), published 1976

Carpenters A’Plenty – By Robert C. Carpenter (author contact and misc. info only)

De Carpentier Allied Ancestry - Ancestry of Maria De Carpentier wife of Jean Paul Jaquet Vice Director and Chief Magistrate on the South River of New Netherland 1655 – 1657 By Edwin Jaquett Sellers, Philadelphia 1928. De Carpentier Ancestry only.

The Descendants of Timothy Carpenter of Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., New York. By Charles Lorain Carpenter, Rear Admiral U.S.N. - Ret. 1976.



A GENEALOGICAL HISTORY OF THE REHOBOTH BRANCH OF THE CARPENTER FAMILY IN AMERICA. Also known as the CARPENTER MEMORIAL. Amos B. Carpenter, 1898 - 900 pages with handwritten corrections!

Genealogical Record of the Descendants of John & Elizabeth Campbell with Brief Biographical Sketches - Edited by a Descendant -1883 – Philadelphia, PA – Preface by E. Boylston Jackson.

A Journey through Carpenter Country - by William S. Carpenter, Thompson, CT, includes index and genealogical charts. (no year given).

History & Genealogy of the CARPENTER FAMILY IN AMERICA - By Daniel Hoogland Carpenter of Maplewood, N. J. 1901. (DHC)

Our Family Tree & its Branches – By Earl Misch, published 1977 (Includes index by author)

Samuel Carpenter and his Descendants - COMPILED BY EDWARD CARPENTER OF PHILADELPHIA AND HIS SON GENERAL LOUIS HENRY CARPENTER U. S. A. 1912. (OCRed and scanned pages)

Zimmerman Encyclopedia Draft – Zimmerman Survey – Zimmerman-Carpenter Family History Research – by Bob Carpenter, draft date 21 May 2008.


Carpenter COAs & related – include;

1) Carpenter Coats of Arms - By Terry Lee Carpenter.

2) Carpenter Family History in England, Parts 1-7, by Tony Carpenter.

3) Carpenter COAs & related samples.

Other articles include;

Carpenter Family History 2006 – By Elliot R. Carpenter – Old History of the Carpenter Family 910-2006.

THE CARPENTER FAMILY OF ENGLAND AND THE UNITED STATES - By J. Hatton Carpenter, 1925 - From: Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine, Vol. 16 Number 2, April 1925. Page 60-70.

Carpenter Family of Lancaster (PA) by A. Y. Casanova, Philipsburg, Pa. – Zimmerman ancestry. Includes more material.

Henry Cort Harold Carpenter (1875-1940) New Findings on the Family of Joseph Carpenter Sr. of the Big Bend of Jacksons River, Old Augusta and Botetourt Counties, Virginia - By Raquel M. Sonnenberg & Terry L. Carpenter, 1996.

James M. Carpenter (1832-?), Biographical Record of Champaign County, IL, 1900.

John Carpenter of Boone County, Iowa - Early Carpenter Family of Boone County, Iowa: Memoirs of Civil War compiled by Warren and Helen (Carpenter) Burns. From the TRAIL TALES Number 71 - December 1993 Boone County Historical Society. Larry Adams, Editor. 602 Story St. Boone, Iowa 50036. Used with permission from Charles Irwin, Executive Director of the Boone County Historical Society. PDF format.

John Brock Carpenter 1819-1889

Joseph C. (1798-1866) & Phylinda Carpenter (1802-1853/54) Clark Family History - Story Compiled and Written by Floyd H. and Irene S. Hurst - 1991.

Lord George Carpenter, An account of the Wound, which the late Lord Carpenter received at Brihuega … Philosophical Transactions (1683-1775) STOR (

Lovine Carpenter Ancestry & Pedigree (b. 1792 d. 1821) by Dennis Kent, Riverside, CA.

Nathan Carpenter (1755-1799) - Carpenter Family Record

Richard Carpenter (1729-1788( Pioneer Merchant of British West Florida and the Natchez District of Spanish West Florida by Terry Lee Carpenter 1984 PDF format - RI TLC_NGSQ_72_1_Mar1984

Richard L. Carpenter (1931 Fargo, ND -) – Bio-part 1 – un-published.

Temple S. Carpenter (1822 TN – 1905 MS) – Carpenters – Edited by William R. Price, 2004.

Life History of William Hiram Carpenter (1820-1894) – A Member of the Mormon Battalion. Written by Josephine Carpenter Lawson (1901-1970) (granddaughter).

Wills, Draft reports, Notes, & Miscellaneous

These include, but are not limited to, Old English Wills, old New England Wills, Carpenter - Medal of Honor, Carpenter - Victoria Cross, USS Carpenter, Carpenter Forts, Carpenter Ghost, Civil War Carpenters, Carpenter - Painters & Artists, Carpenter MIA - Korean War & Vietnam War, and more material.

Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project

Introduction to the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project By John F. Chandler.

One new factor is making an increasingly important contribution to Carpenter genealogy, and that factor is genetics. A simple DNA test of the Y chromosome can now reveal whether any two men are closely related on their paternal side or not. The Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project, started in September of 2002, has now grown to 210 members in January of 2009, organized into 19 family groups. In addition to these groups of related individuals, there are 65 others who are still searching for their genetic cousins.

One thing is clear from these results so far: the name Carpenter has many different origins. We have multiple, distinct German/Swiss lines that were originally Zimmermanns as well as multiple, distinct lines of evidently English origin. Nonetheless, we have found that two English lines with no documented connection (those of the immigrant William Carpenters of Providence and Rehoboth) are indeed related, almost certainly with a common paternal ancestor no more than 1000 years ago, and likely even more recent. This discovery may have a profound impact on Carpenter genealogy in the future, since it gives added incentive to those who are attempting to trace back the immigrants to their immediate ancestors. Other important results can be expected to flow from this project, as other Carpenter or Zimmerman lines discover whether they are or are not related.

In broad terms, this DNA analysis can go beyond genealogical relatedness and point to an individual's continent of "origin", but very little can be deduced about the "home" countries of, say, North Americans of European descent (e.g., England vs. France vs. Belgium vs. Germany). One apparent exception relates to the two groups mentioned above (descendants of the William Carpenter immigrants to Providence and Rehoboth). These participants have a genetic pattern that is common in Scandinavia and Germany, among other places, but rare in England and France. Of course, we know that the immediate origin was indeed England, and this apparent tension between documentation and DNA illustrates the difficulty of attributing origins based on genetics: people have always been able, if not always willing, to move around. For example, medieval incursions of the Vikings occurred all over Europe, including England and Normandy, and so the genetic pattern of the Williams can be found almost anywhere over the past 1000 years. Some other participants have patterns that are rare all over Europe, but are widely scattered and therefore similarly unhelpful in pinpointing their origins.

Ultimately, genealogy will always depend heavily on documentation, but we can expect more and more to get crucial clues from DNA as well. Carpenter researchers who are facing a "brick wall" on a Carpenter line will increasingly be able to sidestep the barrier by testing the Y-DNA of a male-line Carpenter descendant of the mysterious ancestor. Such test results should help to eliminate some possible connections and favor others. Even if a connection is not made immediately, the future growth of the project could bring forward a genetic match at any time. If you are wondering whether this procedure could help in your case, don't hesitate to ask for advice from the DNA project administrators, and be sure to visit the project web site to see what has been accomplished so far.

Gene Zubrinsky

Introduction to Carpenter Sketches By Terry L. Carpenter

An immensely important update for the Carpenters' Encyclopedia of Carpenters is Eugene Cole 'Gene' Zubrinsky's "Sketches and Articles Representing the Most Current and Reliable Scholarship Concerning Early Generations of the Carpenter Families of Rehoboth, Massachusetts, and Providence, Rhode Island, and Their Ancestors.” These sketches (dated January 2009) are in the Gene Zubrinsky folder in the CE, and the most up to date versions are online.

Gene's exacting analytic approach has brought much-needed accuracy and depth of documentation to the history of the earliest generations of English Carpenters in New England. His authoritative corrections to previously published lineages set a high standard for others doing Carpenter family history research.

In addition, his work on the New England Carpenters benefits all Carpenter families -- including those of Germanic, French, and other origins -- by providing a sound basis for separating out those who stand apart from the families commonly referred to as the "Rehoboth branch" and the "Providence branch" of English Carpenters in North America. And he does it all with gentlemanly forthrightness that inspires serious researchers to follow his lead into the past -- and into the future.


The Carpenters' Encyclopedia of Carpenters is a valuable source for Carpenter researchers. It's biggest weakness is that it seems at times to have too much detail. This is evident in the notes, where they often conflict or discussions are given. For many, this is confusing. Some people like the information presented in a short concise manner. As the compiler has stated, "This is a work in progress and ... the reader should decide on the conflicts presented and to decide for themselves."