Graftombe [1]is a volunteer project. Its goal is to make an inventory of all burial places in the country and to make a digital photograph available of each stone that has an inscription that is still legible. The database can be searched on surname ("achternaam")[2]. To request for any photograph, you need to register; you will then receive the picture via email. There is no charge.

Regarding copyright, states: "Het fotograferen van grafmonumenten op openbare begraafplaatsen en het beschrijven en publiceren van dit materiaal is in alle gevallen toegestaan zonder toestemming. Er kan juridisch geen bezwaar gemaakt worden tegen publicatie behalve als de publicatie een commercieel doel heeft." Roughly translated, this means: Photographing at public cemeteries and monuments and the description and publishing of this material is permitted without consent in all cases. There can be no legal objection to publication unless the publication is of a commercial purpose.