Source:Canada. Veterans Death Cards: First World War

Source Veterans Death Cards: First World War
Place Canada
Subject Military records
Publication information
Type Government / Church records
Publisher Library and Archives Canada
Canada. Veterans Death Cards: First World War. (Library and Archives Canada).
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The Collection

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  • This page describes this collection, what information is found on the cards and what some of the terms/abbreviations mean.

High level "index" of Veterans Death Cards

  • There is no index of these death cards, but the records are arranged alphabetical order in groups of varying sizes up to about 1400 cards each.


  • An effective search strategy within any of the groups of cards is to first view a card that is about half way through the group. Then depending upon whether your target card alphabetically comes before or after the card found in the search, locate the card half-way in the group before or after your initial search. By searching in halves you will quickly focus into a small group of records to be browsed manually to find the name you are searching for.
  • For example, if there are 1400 cards within a group, then search for card 700. If the name on the card comes after the name you are looking for, then search for card 350. Does you target name come before or after this? Depending upon the answer, search for record 175 or 525. Continue to narrow the search field until you are close, and then browse for the specific name you are looking for.