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Relationship between Person:Zachariah Canterbury (1) and Person:Shadrack Canterbury (1) is not indicated. Person:Shadrack Canterbury (1) was the administrator of the estate of Person:Zachariah Canterbury (1) but not listed in the distribution of the estate.


Children of Zachariah Canterbury; Zachariah died 11 Sep 1852, age 80

  • Census-Zachariah Canterbury-1830-Bibb-age 50<60, 1 male - 15<20, 2 males - 10<15, females; 1 - 50<60, two lines below Daniel Canterbury
  • Census-1840-Bibb-Zacheriah Canterbury, 60<70, females 1-60<70, 2 lines below John J. Canterbury
  • Sarah his wife died 14 Sep 1851, age 77
  1. Samuel Canterberry-Heir in estate settlement of Zachariah Canterberry-Wife named Lavina
    1. Land-S6 T24N R9E W1/2NW-LandOffice-Tuscaloosa-LandLocation-Bibb-14 Dec 1826 - cash sale
    2. Land-S6 T24N R9E W1/2NW and SE1/4NW and NE1/4SW - 160.14 acres - sold on 23 Feb 1843 by Samuel Canterberry and his wife Lavina to Robert Hill- Witnesses Andrew S. Canterberry and Joshua Lewis-Note that 40.18 acres of this land was previously purchased by William Canterberry so how Samuel and his wife came into possession of this land is not known and it is very curious that they sold William's land to the administrator of his estate Robert Hill; it would seem that the monies from the sale of this land should have gone to the heir Missouri [Need to recheck the deed index to see if William sold this land to Samuel prior to his death]. The NE1/4 of the SW1/4 was originally patented to the subscribing witness Joshua Lewis on 01 Oct 1835.
    3. Land-S8 T24 R9E SE1/4SW1/4 - 40 and 20/100 acres - sold on 26 Sep 1844 by Samuel Canterbury & Lavina Canterbury his wife to Robert Ferguson and John Felsinger, witness: Ephraim McClain J.P. This tract of land was patented by William M. Baker on 20 Sep 1839. (Bibb County Deed Book F p. 16-17)
    4. Census -1830-Bibb County-Samuel Canterbury 20<30 [Samuel 50 year old in the 1850 Tippah census, born in TN], 1 male - 20<30, females: 1 - 15<20 [not in the household in 1850], 1 <5 [not in the household in 1850] Shadric Canterbury listed on the line below Samuel Canterbury
    5. Census-1840-Bibb-Samuel Canterbury 30<40 [age 50 in the 1850 Tippah, MS census], 1 male 5<10 [not in the household in 1850], females: 1-20<30 [not in the household in 1850], 1-10<15 [not in the household in 1850], 1-5<10 [Mary Ann Canterberry, age 18:1850 Tippah MS census, 2<5 [Rebecca, 16 and Sarah Ann, 14 in 1850 Tippah Co MS census]
    6. Census-1850-MS-Tippah-Samuel sold all of his land and seems to have moved to Tippah County, MS. Unfortunately his wife is no longer in the household or I would consider this a definite link. Son John Canterberry is age 2 in the census, so possibly she died during childbirth or after but before the 1850 census enumeration. The data matches with the previous census which am adding to the census data. Additional children Elijah, age 10; James H., age 8; Martha Jane, age 5; and John, age 2.
  2. Rhoda Canterberry-Heir in estate settlement of Zachariah Canterberry-Her name in the estate settlement is Rhoda Cunningham.
    1. -Marriage-Rhody Canterberry married Thomas G. Buckingham on 03 Jul 1822 in Bibb County (Source: Ancestry-Alabama Marriages to 1825)
  3. Daniel Canterberry-Heir in estate settlement of Zachariah Canterberry
    1. Marriage to Barbary Fortner on 12 May 1827 in Tuscaloosa County AL (Ancestry-Alabama Marriage Collection, 1800-1969, source-Hunting For Bears)
    2. Land-S31 T21S R6W NWNW-LandOffice-Tuscaloosa-LandLocation-Bibb/Tuscaloosa-40.78 acres-14 Oct 1834-#8547-cash sale
    3. Land-S3 T24N R9E NWNW-LandOffice-Tuscaloosa-LandLocation-Bibb-39.2 acres-20 Sep 1839-#18821-cash sale
    4. Indenture-Daniel Canterbery-Bibb Co. 20 Apr 1840- borrowed on 18 Apr 1840 $54 from Alsa Clements, note due 01 Jan 1841. Collateral was NWNW Section 3 T24 R9E containing 30.20 acres. Robert Hill was the subscribing witness. (Bibb Co Deed Book D, p. 299-300 [Alsy Clements had a judgment against the estate of Zachariah Canterberry].
    5. Census-1830-Bibb County-Daniel Canterbury, age 20<30, females: 1 - 20<30; 2 <5
    6. Census-1840-Bibb County-Daniel Canterbury, age 30<40, females: 1 - 20<30, 1- 10<15, 2-5<10, 2<5
  4. Zachariah Canterberry
    1. Census-1840-Bibb-Zacheriah Canterberry- 20<30, 1 male <5, females; 1-20<30, 2 <5, line after Andrew Canterbury
  1. William Canterberry Died before 31 Mar 1851
    1. Land-S6 T24N R9E SE1/4NW1/4-LandOffice-Tuscaloosa-LandLocation-Bibb-40.18 acres-01 Jan 1835-#10231-cash sale
    2. Land-S2 T24N R8E SW1/4NE1/4-LandOffice-Tuscaloosa-LandLocation-Bibb-41.66 acres-20 Sep 1839-#20059-cash sale
    3. Marriage-William Canterberry married Mary Hanks (sister of Agnes??) 12 Jun 1837 (license) 13 Jun 1837 married by Robert Hill (Book D, p. 1 need record)
    4. Census-1840-Bibb-William 30<40, females: 1 - 20<30, 2 <5, Line below Zacheriah Canterbury
    5. Marriage-Mary Canterberry married Elias Williams on 28 Feb 1850 in Bibb County AL (source-Ancestry-Hunting For Bears)
    6. Census-1850-Bibb-#242/242-Elias Williams, 17, AL; Mary Williams, 34, SC; Missouri Canterbury, 11, AL
    7. Death-Estate administered by Robert Hill. On 31 Mar 1851, adm. filed for final settlement of estate on the second Monday in May next. Robert McIlvain was appointed guardian ad litem of the minor heirs of said estate. (p. 360 of Bibb County Book, probably Minutes Book) On 14 Apr 1851 Mary Williams late Mary Canterberry and widow of William Canterberry petitioned the court for her dower right of 1/3 of the property owned by her late husband. Property described as East half of the South East quarter and the South West quarter of the North East quarter and the South quarter of Section Two Township 24 of Ranges 8East. The only heir is Missouri Canterberry. [Land does not exactly match with land purchases]. The 5 commissioners who were appointed (not supposed to be related to the parties) to lay off the dower land were William Nichols, Robert Oldham, Robert Hill, David Vance, and James Hill. They laid off 58.20 acres (1/3 of the land) in Section 2, T24 and Range 8-East. On the same date, 12 May 1851, that Mary Williams was allowed her dower for her natural life, Robert Hill set forth the final settlement of the estate of William Canterberry. Mary Williams and Missouri Canterberry each were to receive 1/2 which was $40.28 and 1/2 cents. This was the net from the sale of the personal estate and deductions for the administrative charges. However the husband of Missouri, George M. Burns signed that he had received the settlement of $53.96 on 14 Aug 1855. The husband of Mary, Elias Williams signed that he received the settlement of $40.28 1/2 cents on 14 Aug 1855. [It seems that the entire settlement should have gone to Missouri if the statement is true that Mary was no longer living in August of 1855. See the marriage information for Missouri].
    8. Children-Missouri Canterberry - Heir named in estate settlement of Zachariah Canterberry, because she is the daughter of William Canterberry deceased
      1. Marriage of Missouri-Burns, George M. and Missouri Canterbury, 25 June 1855, 25 June by H. P. Brazeale, J. P. Wm. W. Burns swears Missouri resides at the home of Elias Williams, that she has no parents or gdn. living and her relations do not object to the marriage. Married at res. of Thompson Moore. (Second hand copy says Records Compiled by Pauline Jones Gandrud-Marriage Records of Tuscaloosa County 1823-1860 Book IIIB, p. 260).
  2. Nicholas Canterberry born 21 May 1811 (no source)-Heir in estate settlement of Zachariah Canterberry
    1. Land-S25 T22S R7W Fraction B-LandOffice-Tuscaloosa-LandLocation-Bibb-56.98 acres-20 Sep 1839-#20332-cash sale
    2. Land-S2 T24N R8E NENW-LandOffice-Tuscaloosa-LandLocation-Bibb-41.66 acres-01 Aug 1853-#26834-cash sale
    3. Land-S26 T22S R7W W1/2E1/2-LandOffice-Tuscaloosa-LandLocation-Bibb-66 acres-01 Aug 1853-#26835-cash sale
    4. Land-S2 T24N R8E SWNW-LandOffice-Tuscaloosa-LandLocation-Bibb-41.66 acres-01 Aug 1853-#27033-cash sale
    5. Land-S2 T24N R8E SENW-LandOffice-Tuscaloosa-LandLocation-Bibb-41.66 acres-15 Jul 1854-#28589-cash sale
    6. Land-S26 T22S R7W E1/2E1/2 and S2 T24N R8E NWNE and E1/2NE-LandOffice-Tuscaloosa-LandLocation-Bib-187.02 acres-#33610-cash sale under Graduation Act
    7. Marriage-Agnes L. Hanks on 05 Feb 1837 Bibb Co Al (Marr Book D, p. 50-don't have source)
    8. Children:Elizabeth Ann, Jefferson Dock, William Marion
      1. William Marion Canterbury b. 26 Dec 1848 m. Mahaley C. Maddox on 11 Nov 1874 (source email)
        1. Census-1880-Bibb-Marion Canterbery, 29 AL AL AL; Mahala C., wife, 23 AL AL AL; Joseph, son, 4 AL; Cimilly, dau, 3 AL
    9. Census-1840-Bibb-Nicholas J. Canterberry - 20<30, females: 1 - 30<40, 1<5, 3 lines below Wm
    10. Census-1850-Bibb-245/245-Nicholas J. Canterbury, age 37, b. TN; Agnes, 43, b. SC; Elizabeth, 11 AL; Jefferson D. 5 AL; Wm. M.; 1 AL; Saml J. 20 AL
    11. Census-1880-Bibb-Nicolas Canterbery, age 64 AL AL AL; Agnis, wife 72, AL AL AL
    12. Notes-Ann M. Hanks, 38, SC, 246/246
  3. John Canterberry-Heir in estate settlement of Zachariah Canterberry
    1. Marriage-Mary Hathcock on 03 Mar 1837 (license) married 04 Mar 1837 by James A. Hicks (Book D, p. 5)
    2. Census-1840-Bibb-John J. Canterbury-20<30; females: 1 - 20<30, 2 females<5
    3. Possible Census-1880-Bibb-John Canterbery, 64 AL VA TN; Susan, wife 58 TN VA NC; Mary E., dau 20 AL AL TN
  4. Sylvester Canterberry-Heir in estate settlement of Zachariah Canterberry

Children of Shadrack Canterbury; Shadrack died 27 May 1884 Age 88 years 28 days

  • Land-S8 T24N R9E SE1/4NE1/4 - LandOffice-Tuscaloosa-LandLocation-Bibb-40.2 acres-#25674-02 Sep 1850-cash sale
  • Land-S3 T24N R9E SW1/4NE1/4 - LandOffice-Tuscaloosa-LandLocation-Bibb-39.2 acres-#32347-01 Jun 1858-cash sale
  • Land-S3 T24N R9E SE1/4NE1/4 - LandOffice-Tuscaloosa-LandLocation-Bibb-39.2 acres-#33348-01 Jun 1858-cash sale
  • Land-S3 T24N R9E NE1/4NE1/4 and S26 T22S R6W Aliquot Parts D - LandOffice-Tuscaloosa-LandLocation-Bibb-83.07 acres-#33552-01 Jun 1858-cash sale
  • Census-Bibb-1830-Shadric Canterbury-20<30, males - 1-20<30, 3<5, females: 1 - 30<40
  • Census-Bibb-1840-Shedrick Canterbury-40<50, males - 2 - 10<15, 2-5<10, females - 1-20<30, 1<5, line after Samuel Canterbury
  • Census-Bibb-1850-349/349-Shadrack Canterbury, 53, TN; Elizabeth, 35 SC; Isaac M, 18, AL, Thomas, 7 AL, Newton, 6 AL, Pope O. 4 AL, Sarah E., 3 AL
  • Census-Bibb-1880-Shaderic Canterbery, 84 TN VA VA; Sarah E., wife, 68 SC VA VT; Sarah E., dau, 26 AL TN SC
  • Sary E his wife died 04 Feb 1889
  1. Zechariah Clinton Canterbury, born 21 March 1826, m. Nancy Elizabeth Miller 15(?) Oct 1848
    1. Census-1850-Bibb-475/475-Quinton Canterberry, 22, AL; Elizabeth, 20, AL
    2. Census for Zechariah and Nancy-1860 in Tuscaloosa County
  2. James Monroe Canterbury, born 27 Oct 1828, m. Mary Ecteker 11 Apr 1858 (from Bible record) m. Mary Elisabeth Acker, license 05 Apr 1858, at res of Wm. Acker who consents to marriage (Gandrud records - marriage recorded in Book 4, 17 Aug 1855 to 10 May 1859, Tuscaloosa County, AL)
    1. Children of James and Mary: George William b 19 Jan 1860
    2. Census for James and Elizabeth-1860 in Tuscaloosa County
    3. Land-S8 T20S R6W NE1/4SE1/4 - LandOffice-Tusccaloosa-LandLocation-Tuscaloosa-40.19 acres-#38734-01 Dec 1860-cash sale-graduation
  3. Samuel Jackson Canterbury, born 23 Jun 1830, m. Hariet E. Howzer 18 Dec 1867
    1. Children of Samuel and Harriet: Laura Jane b 01 Feb 1862; Andrew Coker b. 01 Nov 1867
    2. Land-S27 T22S R6W Aliquot parts A - LandOffice-Tuscaloosa-LandLocation-Bibb-45.54 acres-#32457-01 Jun 1858-cash sale
    3. Census-1850-245/245-Bibb-Saml J. 20 Al, in household of Nicholas J. Canterbury
    4. Possible Census-1860-Tuscaloosa-Sam Canterberry, age 27
    5. Census-1880-Bibb-Samuel Canterberry, 49 AL TN SC; Harriet, wife 35 SC SC IRE; Coker, son, 11 AL AL SC; Cristena, dau 9 AL; Harvy,son, 7 AL; Dony, dau, 5 AL; Jane, dau, 3 AL
  4. Isaac Monroe Canterbury, born 22 May 1832, m. Matildia Walters 24 Jun 1855
    1. Notes: See notes for Isaac M Canterberry below under Unidentified Bibb County Canteburys-possible land records
    2. Children of Isaac and Matilda: Missouri Catherine b 19 May 1856; Sarah Elisabeth b 09 Mar 1858
    3. Census for Isaac and Matilda-1860 in Tuscaloosa County
  5. Jasper Canterbury, born 07 Jul 1839
  6. Thomas E. Canterbury, born 27 Aug 1842
  7. Newton Canterbury, born 13 Mar 1844, m. Susan L. Williams 21 Sep 1876
  8. Obadiah Polk Canterbury, son of Shadrick & Elizabeth, born 15 Jan 1846
  9. Sarah Emeline Canterbury, daughter of Shadrick and Elisabeth, born 15 Feb 1848
  10. Lorenzo Dowe Canterbury, born 15 Mar 1852, m. Ellen Elizabeth Williams (born 19 Sep 1851) 11 Feb 1877
    1. Census-1880-Bibb-Lorenza Canterery, 28 AL TN VA; Ella Canterbery, wife, 21 MS MS MS; Amanda, dau 1, AL, AL MS

Unidentified Bibb County Canterburys

  1. Andrew Canterberry
    1. Census-1840-Bibb-Andrew 20<30, 1 male<5, females: 1 - 15<20, 1 female <5
  2. Isaac M. Canterberry
    1. Note: Isaac M. Canterberry was issued a land patent to acreage in Bibb County AL. This may be Isaac Monroe Canterberry son of Shadrick Canterberry but because Isaac Monroe Canterberry and family are enumerated in the 1860 census in Tuscaloosa County one needs to verify that there was only one Isaac M. Canterberry during this time period.
    2. Land-S4 T24N R9E SE1/4NE1/4 and S3 T24N R9E SW1/4NW1/4-LandOffice-Tuscaloosa-LandLocation-Bibb-78.625 acres-01 Jun 1858-#34214-cash sale
    3. Land-S4 T24N R9E NE1/4NE1/4-LandOffice-Tuscaloosa-LandLocation-Bibb-01 Jun 1858-#34311-cash sale

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