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The efficacy of lineage in determining aboriginal ancestry via DNA testing. [10 June 2013]

In order to have accurate results one needs to begin with a known quantity. I have been doing genealogical research for 40 years; one of my pet peaves are, too many researchers in their zest to complete their lines inject ‘ancestors’ from undocumented resources. Genealogical research is a painstaking process, as genealogists our mission is and should be to preserve history not rewrite it!

How does this affect the efficacy of DNA testing? Well; when a group of people state they have aboriginal ancestors without any verifiable evidence their chances of being positive are nil which elevates the negative statistics. Example: Lady X is thought to have an aboriginal mother; fifteen subjects allegedly descendents of Lady X, when tested all are negative. Conclusion Lady X did not have an aboriginal mother? [Note; results regarding Lady X are actually inconclusive because the fifteen subjects lineage was not verified]--Artzzy 10:23, 10 June 2013 (EDT)