Portal:Basic Layout with Instructions

Portal Basic Layout with Instructions

This template provides the basic framework for WeRelate's Portals. Users wishing to create their own portal page are encouraged to copy and paste this code onto their Portal Page and edit to suit their needs. (This is done by clicking on View Source above and copying the code). This code utilizes an external template, {{Template:Portal (without footer)}}. The majority of the wiki and html coding is contained in this external template, and is protected against edits.

Add your own header here!

Add your text here. You are welcome to use standard wiki code such as:

  • Bullets
  1. Numbered lists
and intents!
Want to add or delete a box?

Each box is self-contained with its own title, color, and content details. If you want to add a box, just copy and paste the block of code between (and including) the squiggly brackets (from portal-box through content=).
Want to delete a box? You can delete that same block of code to remove a box from your portal.

Add your own header here!

Add your text here.

Would you like to change this color?
Add your own header here!
  • Put your own header text after the title= code.
  • Enter your own box header color after the color= code.
  • Your own box content text goes after the content= code.
Add your own header here!

change the color of this box by using the boxcolor parameter

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