Place:Jackson, Noble, Ohio, United States

Alt namesOlive Green (township)
Keith (Post Office)
Maguire (Post Office)
Claytona (Post Office)
Crooked Tree (Post Office)
Ridge (Post Office)
Coordinates39.6235°N 81.5303°W
Located inNoble, Ohio, United States     (1851 - )
Also located inMorgan, Ohio, United States     (1819 - 1851)


Township of Jackson

Jackson is a township in the county of Noble, state of Ohio, United States of America. It is bordered in Noble County by the townships of Sharon and Olive to the north, Enoch to the northeast, Jefferson to the east; in Washington County, Aurelius to the east, Adams and Waterford to the south; and in Morgan County, Center to the west.


Olive Green, named after its principal stream, was one of the original townships of Morgan County, organized in 1819, and then embraced as at present, a full congressional township (township 5, range 9). A few years later, on account of the political complexion of the township, its name was changed to Jackson. It is the only township in the county whose boundaries were not changed after Noble County was erected in 1851.

Inhabited Places

Named places within the township:—

Site of historical Keith's (or Keith) Post Office (established on 20 July 1837, discontinued on 10 Dec. 1864, reestablished on 9 Sept. 1867, discontinued on 15 June 1904); Keith's Church; and Keith Cemetery.
Site of historical Claytona Post Office (established as Maguire Post Office on 5 Oct. 1848, name changed on 22 Oct. 1849, discontinued on 15 May 1905).
Site of historical Crooked Tree (or Crookedtree) Post Office (established on 9 March 1858, discontinued on 15 June 1904), with James R.H. Smith as first postmaster; and Crooked Tree United Methodist Church and Cemetery. Jacksonville was laid out by James H. Steadman, and the survey was made by George Bell, 25 May 1854.
Site of historical Ridge Post Office (established on 9 Sept. 1867, discontinued on 15 June 1904). Dungannon was laid out by Nathan H. Essex, and the survey was made by George Bell, 17 June 1856.

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