Place:Finzean, Birse, Aberdeenshire, Scotland


TypeInhabited place
Coordinates57.0305°N 2.6716°W
Located inBirse, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Finzean (pronounced FING-in) is an inhabited place in the Deeside parish of Birse, in the valley of the Water of Feugh (pronounced fee-UCH, where the "uch" is a German or Yiddish sound as in "Baruch").

Farquharson of Finzean Estate

The Finzean Estate, today nearly 8,000 acres in the parish of Birse, has been held in a branch of the Farquharson clan since 1609, when the bishops of Aberdeen granted a charter to Robert Farquharson, 1st laird of Finzean. (Finzean was previously held by Sir Alexander Gordon of Cluny, and by Sir Robert Carnegie before him.) Subsequent lairds acquired additional properties, expanding the estate, of which Finzean has continued to be the seat. In 1708, Queen Anne granted a Charter of Barony to Robert Farquharson, the 4th of Finzean, comprising Finzean, Tillygarmond, Balnaboth, Balfidy, Percie, Dalsack, the Mill of Clinter, and Woodend.

Finzean House
Finzean House

Finzean House

Finzean House has been the home of the Farquharsons of Finzean probably from the first laird. The present house was largely rebuilt in 2002, having been nearly destroyed by fire in 1954, but it was reconstructed to match the size and form of the house as it was known to have existed from the Victorian era. The present house retains a portion of a wall with a stone bearing the date 1686, when the house was rebuilt by the 3rd laird of Finzean. (The original house was most likely destroyed in 1644, when most of the parish was laid waste by the Earl of Argyll in retaliation for Royalist support.) In the mid to late 18th century, the 5th laird increased the size of the house, adding a south frontage, and also started a formal garden (the holly hedge of which still stands today). In the 1830s-40s, the house suffered from the neglect of the spendthrift 8th laird followed by the absentee 9th laird, before it was energetically restored in the 1850s-60s by the 10th laird, who also built the church and did much to revitalize the community life of Finzean.

Finzean Kirk

Although the parish kirk was historically at Birse, a church was built at Finzean in 1863 which gained in prominence and became a quoad sacra parish in 1902. In 1987 it was made the parish church for a reunited Birse and Finzean parish, encompassing Strachan and other historic parishes into what is today called the Birse and Feughside Parish Church.

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