Place:Anhalt, Germany

Alt namesHerzogtum Anhaltsource: Full German name
Duchy of Anhaltsource: Wikipedia
Free State of Anhaltsource: Wikipedia
TypeDuchy, Former state
Coordinates51.971111°N 11.47°E
Located inGermany     (1863 - 1918)
See alsoSachsen-Anhalt, Germanyname after 1945

Note: In keeping with the 1900-rule at WeRelate, places in Germany are organized as they were in 1900 when Germany was known as the German Empire.

In 1900, Anhalt was a duchy, also recognized as a state (land), in the German Empire.


  • 1806 - Napoleon elevates Anhalt-Bernburg, Anhalt-Dessau and Anhalt-Köthen to duchies
  • 1863 - the Duchy of Anhalt is formed by uniting the 3 duchies above
  • 1918 - Anhalt becomes a state within the Weimar Republic and becomes known as the "Free State of Anhalt"
  • 1945 - Anhalt becomes united with the Prussian parts of Saxony and becomes known as the federal state of "Saxony-Anhalt"
  • 1952 - "Saxony-Anhalt" is dissolved as a federal state
  • 1990 - "Saxony-Anhalt" is reestablished as a federal state in Germany


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