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Alt name [23 April 2011]

Lauren, maybe my eyes are just tired, but what's the difference between the name and alternative name listed on the page? — Parsa 03:05, 24 April 2011 (EDT)

Revisions to Parentage [25 January 2012]

New evidence shows that Samuel D. Daniels was not the son of Joshua and Ann Daniels, but rather was the son of Joshua and Mary (Reed) Daniels. I'm outlining my reasoning here for future reference.

Samuel D. Daniels was listed as the son of Joshua and Ann Daniels based on: his appearing in their household in the 1850 census; Philadelphia city directories showing Samuel in Joshua’s household; and a continuing professional association between Samuel and Joshua, showing Samuel and Joshua working as jewelers in the same establishments.

The new availability of the on-line database and images Pennsylvania, Church and Town Records, 1708-1985 adds additional information that revises this assumption.

Samuel was baptized on 28 Jul 1833 as the son of Joshua and Mary Daniels at Old St. George Methodist Episcopal Church. Joshua married Ann Stradley at the same church on 7 Sep 1834. Other Daniels events at that church include: The marriage of Joshua’s brother James in 1825 and the baptism of James’ three children, recorded in 1832.

The family of Joshua Daniels later attended the Columbia Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church. Joshua and Ann had at least two children baptized at the church: David in 1839 and Benjamin in 1848. Sarah Ann Daniels married Purnell Jefferson at the same church in 1843.

Sarah Ann Daniels matches the age category to be the daughter listed in Joshua Daniels’ household in the 1840 census. Her death certificate in 1907 lists her parents as Joshua Daniels and Mary Reed.--Lauren 09:52, 25 January 2012 (EST)