Person:Zachariah Eddy (1)

m. bet 1630 and 1637
  1. Samuel Eddy
  2. John Eddy1637 - 1715
  3. Zachariah Eddy1639-1640 - 1718
  4. Deacon Caleb Eddy1643 - 1712/13
  5. Obadiah Eddy1645 - 1727
  6. Hannah Eddy1647 -
m. 7 MAY 1663
  1. Zachariah Eddy1664 - 1737
  2. John Eddy1666 - 1726
  3. Elizabeth Eddy1670 - 1718
  4. Samuel Eddy1673 -
  5. Ebenezer Eddy1675 - Bef 1726
  6. Caleb Eddy1678 - 1748
  7. Joshua Eddy1680 - 1768
  8. Obadiah Eddy1683 - Aft 1747
  9. Alice Eddy1684 - 1685
  10. Eleanor Eddy1686 -
m. aft 24 Sep 1692
Facts and Events
Name Zachariah Eddy
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 1639-1640 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United StatesAge 7 in March 1646/47
Marriage 7 MAY 1663 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesto Alice Paddock
Marriage aft 24 Sep 1692 (death of first wife)
to Abigail Unknown
Death? 1718 Swansea, Bristol, MA
Will[2] 4 Sep 1718 Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States
Burial? Swansea, Bristol, MassachusettsOld Swansea Burying Ground

Records of the Colony of New Plymouth notes that on 2 March 1646/7the following record appeared: "Whereas Samuell Edeth, & Elizabeth, his wife, of the town of Plim[outh] aforesaid, having many children, & by reason of many wants lying upon them, so as they are not able to bring them up as they desire, and out of the good respect they bear to Mr. John Browne, of Rehoboth, one of the Assistants of this government, did both of them jointly desire that he, the said Mr. Browne, would take Zachery, their son, being of the age of seven years, & bring him up in his employment of husbandry, or any business he shall see meet for the good of their child till he come to the age of one & twenty years," which Browne agreed to do.[6]

After Brown died, when Zachariah was about 22, he moved to Middleboro. Eight years later, he was among those who signed the original Swansea agreement in 1669. He was active in church life at First Baptist at Swansea.

During King Phillip's War, he probably moved his family to Plymouth, but returned by 1678. While in Plymouth, he was one of the former Middleboro residents who gathered to resettle that town. Zachariah bought land there, but did not move, instead returning to Swansea. Over the years, he acquired most of present-day Swansea Village as his property. He deeded his homestead to son Caleb on 27 Jan 1710/11.[7]

His will names wife Abigail, sons, and daughter Elizabeth Whipple.

BIOGRAPHY: ZACHARIAH, b. about 1639 [ PCR 2:112-13]; m. (1) Plymouth 7 May 1663 Alice Padduck [ PVR 663], who d. Swansea 24 September 1692 [ SwVR 212]; m. (2) after 1692 Abigail (_____) Smith, widow of Jeremiah/Dermot Smith (in his will of 4 November 1718 Zachariah Eddy names wife Abigail, and in her will of 2 January 1720 she names her Smith children [ Eddy Gen 34, 37, citing BrPR 3:488, 693]).


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    "We whose names are hereunder written, do fully, upon our admission to be inhabitants of the town of Swansea, assent to the above written agreement, made between the church now meeting here at Swansea and Capt. Thomas WILLETT and his associates, as the sd. agreement is specified and declared in the three proposalls afore written, with the severall conditions and explanation thereof concerning the present and future settlement of tis town. In witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed." (Signed by fifty-five persons.)

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