Person:Willis Jackson (5)

Willis Jackson
b.20 Dec 1805 Kentucky
  1. Willis Jackson1805 - 1870
  2. Daughter Jacksonbtw 1810 - 1820 -
  3. Son Jackson1810 and 1820 -
  4. Reubin JacksonABT 1812 -
  5. John JacksonABT 1814 -
  6. Son Jacksonbtw 1820 and 1825 -
  7. Son Jacksonbtw 1820 and 1825 -
  8. George Washington JacksonABT 1828 -
m. 27 May 1831
  1. William Rowan Jackson1832 - 1903
  2. James Duncan Jackson1835 - 1917
  3. Nancy Jackson1837 - 1915
  4. Eliza Jane Jackson1840 - 1856
  5. Harriet JacksonABT 1853 - 1855
Facts and Events
Name Willis Jackson
Gender Male
Birth[1] 20 Dec 1805 Kentucky
Marriage 27 May 1831 Saluda Twp, Jefferson Co., Indianato Mary Teresa 'Polly' McCormick
Residence[3] 1 Jun 1840 Saluda, Jefferson, Indiana
Residence[1] 1850 District 2, Trimble, Kentucky
Residence[4] 1860 Trimble, Kentucky
Residence[5] 1870 Bedford, Trimble, Kentucky
Death? 18 Dec 1870 Bedford, Trimble Co., Kentucky
Occupation? Farmer
Burial[2] Bedford IOOF Cem, Trimble Co., Kentucky
Conjectured Information on this Page
It should be noted here that circumstantial evidence plus DNA testing indicates that Willis is the son of Charles and Nancy

No documentation has been found as yet to verify that Willis is the son of Charles and Nancy. A study of the Jacksons in Trimble County has revealed several circumstances that lead to this conjecture.

In 1850 census Charles & Nancy are enumerated in same area, Dist 2, as Willis & his wife, Mary Polly. On the 1860 census Charles Jackson and his wife have a young person living with them, a Cintha Townsend which research reveals is a daughter of Mary Polly's deceased sister. On the 1870 census Nancy Jackson, age 86, is living with Willis Jackson and his wife Mary Polly.

The above is further reinforced by the following DNA points written by Jack McAnally, Jackson researcher:

  1. A descendant of Willis, Charles Thomas Jackson has matched the ancestral haplotype of the Hempstead Jackson lineage and he being a direct descendant of Willis Jackson means that Willis is also a direct descendant.
  2. There is a primary record (Samuel Jackson's pension application) stating that that Samuel had three sons alive in 1855: Charles, John and Zephaniah.
  3. Kenneth Vance Jackson has matched the ancestral haplotype of the Hempstead Jackson lineage and he being a direct descendant of Zephaniah Jackson means that Willis is in some way related to Zephaniah. This relationship to Zephaniah has to be via a relative of Samuel Jackson. We do not know if there were more than three sons born to this patriarch or brothers that migrated with him out of Virginia.
  4. The Trimble County Kentucky Charles Jackson was alive in 1855, lived in the same area and time frame as Willis Jackson. Charles' wife moved in with the Willis Jackson family after Charles died. This means that there was a high probability of some genetic relationship between Willis and Charles. Therefore if Charles is related to Willis he has have the same Y-DNA and is highly probable of being Willis' father.

It is told in the family that Willis' conjectured father, Charles did not own any land. Someone was concerned about how/where Willis got his land since Charles did not own land. But Megan J. has provided that answer on Willis' talk page.

Trimble County Court Book 1850
This URL is to a window to inquire of Phil Jackson about his private chart and not a URL to his source.

1850 Census Dist 2, Trimble Co., Kentucky
Willis Jackson 45 M farmer 4050 KY
Polly Jackson 35 F KY
William Jackson 17 M KY
James Jackson 15 M Indiana
Nancy Jackson 12 F IN
Eliza Jackson 10 F IN

So in the 1840 census we would expect to find them in Indiana and see:
Willis 35 1 male between 30-40
William 7 1 male between 5-10
James 5 another male between 5-10 so total of 2 males between 5-10 or possibly 1 under 5
Polly 25 1 female between 20-30
Nancy 2 1 female under 5
maybe Eliza is on there; maybe not, so could be 2 females under 5

1840 Census Saluda, Jefferson Co., Indiana
males 1-1-0-0-0-1 females 2-0-0-0-1 This is Willis! He is between 30-40 with 2 young sons; wife 20-30 2 young females
Tom Jackson said Willis and Polly were married in Saluda in 1831.
It is interesting that though Willis and Polly were born in KY, they were in Indiana for at least 15 years and then came back to KY. The area of Trimble Co is on the Ohio River and Indiana is just across the river. Tom said folks used the river as a highway with heavy boat traffic not only up and down the river, but back and forth from Kentucky to Indiana.

1860 Census, Trimble Co., Kentucky (Post Office Abbottsford)
Willis Jackson 55 M farmer 4500 2500 KY
Mary Jackson 44 F illegible
William Jackson age illegible M farmer ditto
James Jackson 24 M farmer ditto
James Townsend 22 M farmer ditto
Benj Townsend 9 M no occup ditto note also Cintha Townsend, 18 is living with Willis' parents in 1860
Samuel P. Strother 27 M farmer ditto
Nancy Strother 22 F IN
Jack Strother 10/12 M KY
(Nancy is Willis' daughter)

I, Janie wondered if James Townsend was Eliza's husband and she had died, since she was missing from the household and I didn't know who James Townsend was. But later, found that Eliza had died of consumption age 17, single. It looks to me like the Townsends are siblings. Later; discovered that the Townsend siblings are children of Willis' wife's deceased sister.

1870 Census, Bedford, Trimble, Co., Kentucky this is noted but the children are not input
Jackson, Willis 65 M W farmer 4000 1000 KY
Jackson Mary 55 F W housekeeping KY
Jackson, Edward 7 M W KY possible grandchildren
Jackson, William 4 M W KY
Jackson, Cloudyly 2 M W KY (Claudie?)
McCoy, Mary A. 18 F W KY
Jackson, William 37 M W farm hand 500 KY
Jackson, Nancy 86 F W VA perhaps Willis's mother. Look for her burial in Bedford.
(Next hh is their dau Nancy and her husband Samuel Strother!)
(Nancy's burial turns out to be no help. Someone has said the tombstones for Willis' parents say only "Mother" and "Father".)

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