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  1. Daniel Wait1791 - 1872
  2. Oliver Wait1792 - 1814
  3. Harriot Wait1794 - 1818
  4. Anna Wait1796 -
  5. Sarah Wait1798 -
  6. Christian Wait1800 - 1883
  7. Sybil Wait1803 - 1890
  8. William Wait1805 - 1890
  9. Henry Wait1807 - 1888
  10. Samuel Wait1809 - 1816
  11. Mariah Wait1811 -
  12. John Wait1814 - 1895
m. May 1834
  1. Almira O. Wait1813 - 1913
  2. Mary Delphine Wait1842 - 1882
  3. Frederick Charles Wait1845 - 1902
  4. John Henry Wait1848 - 1915
Facts and Events
Name William Wait
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 4 Apr 1805 Stillwater, Saratoga County, New York
Marriage May 1834 to Delilah McNeil
Death[2] 22 Feb 1890 Owego, Tioga, New York, United States
Burial? Waits Cemetery, Tioga, New York, United States
  1. Obituary of William Wait.

    Obituary for William Wait:
    "William Wait departed this life at his home Feb. 24, 1890, was born in the town of Stillwater, Saratoga Co., April the 4, 1805. In the year 1819, with his parents and their large family, he started from Saratoga to seek a home in the wilds of Southern New York, which must have been quite an undertaking with the facilities for trade of that day. They came to Owego, thence down the river to Nichols, thence up Wappasening creek and through Briggs's Hollow and by the aid of marked trees reached their home, which was then a howling wilderness, as a consequence we have what has been called Wait's Settlement for a half century. It may be truthfully said that Mr. Wait was a pioneed settler, as at that time there was not a clearing in sight and but one or two between here and Owego. He, with his brother, Henry, braved many hardships for which we are greatly indebted to them. At the age of 29 years he was united in marraige with Delilah McNeil, of the same town, the fruits of their union was three sons and two daughters, the eldest died in infancy, the rest grew to man and womanhood. One daughter died several years ago in the West and the rest are settled. John H, who lived on the home farm; F.C. on a adjoining farm, and the other daughter, Mrs Dennis Russell, in Windham, Pa. Mrs. Wait is left to morun the loss of a kind husband. Three children remain to mourn the loss of a dear and loving father. Mr. Wait was to his family kind and indulgent and to the community a valued friend, and by strict industry and economy secured a comfortable home. Mr. Wait, although not making a public profession of faith in Christ until late in life, still Mr. Wait was a real and earnest Christian, and gave liberally of his means for the support of the Gospel. Mr Wait had lived in this community for 71 years and had a warm place in many hearts, as was attested by the large number that gathered at his funeral, notwithstanding the going was very bad. Rev. O.P. Legg spoke words of comfort. Almost the entire congregation were mourners. Uncle William, as he was familiarly called, had a great many friends. Mr Wait lived to see great changes. Truely it may be said of him he wrought well and we are reaping the benefits of his labors. Another link is broken in the chain that binds us to the early settlement of this place. We are great debtors to these early settlers for the privileges we enjoy. Mr. Wait was kindly cared for by his children, especially John H., with whom he lived. Mr. Wait was a great reader of the Bible and read it through several times the past year."

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