Person:William Ussery (5)

William Ussery
b.est. 1758-1763 Virginia
d.Bef 12 Oct 1809 Lunenburg County, Virginia
  1. David UsseryAbt 1757 -
  2. William UsseryEst 1758 to 1763 - Bef 1809
  3. Nancey UsseryAbt 1764 - 1811
  4. Elizabeth UsseryBef 1766 -
  • HWilliam UsseryEst 1758 to 1763 - Bef 1809
  • WSarah WilliamsBet 1761 & 1770 - 1861
m. 21 Dec 1797
  1. John Welcome Ussery1798 - 1879
  2. William Ussery
  3. Nancy Ussery
  4. Sarah 'Sally' Ussery
Facts and Events
Name William Ussery
Gender Male
Birth[1] est. 1758-1763 Virginia
Marriage 21 Dec 1797 Lunenburg County, Virginiato Sarah Williams
Death? Bef 12 Oct 1809 Lunenburg County, Virginia[Date of Estate Inventory]



From Ussery Website of Cindy H. Casey:

William Ussery and Sally (Sarah) Williams
It is unclear when William Ussery was born or who his parents were, but he died around 1809 in Lunenburg Co., VA. On Dec. 21, 1797 he married Sally Williams in Lunenburg Co., VA.
Note [not from Ussery site listed above]: from records in Lunenburg County, Virginia, it appears fairly apparent that William Ussery was the brother of Nancy Ussery, who married John C. Christopher. William is mentioned in several Lunenburg County records and deeds with John Christopher (as shown below).

Marriage Bond

Marriage Bond Dec 21 1797 William Ussery and Sally Williams [Lunenburg County, Virginia records]

Land Records

April 12, 1798-Deed 18-21: William and Sally Ussery to John C. Christopher, 100 acres, for 50 lbs. (Note: William Ussery appears to be the brother-in-law of John Christopher).
Lunenburg Deed Book 11/14/1806 Sally, wife of William Ussery, relinquished dower rights to 107 acres conveyed to John Christopher Jan 5, 1798 Recorded April 19, 1807
Deed 21-62A April 9 1807: William and Sally Ussery to John Christopher

Estate Records

Inventory of Estate of William Ussery Lunenburg, VA.
In pursuance to an order from the worshipful court of Lunenburg County, to us directed, we the undersigned have appraised the estate of William Ussery, dec'd, to us produced as follows, viz: WB6 /264
1 negroe woman Hannah L 63.00.01
negroe boy [John ? 75.00. 01
feather bed spr 9.00.01
Ditto 9.00.01
Ditto 7.10.01
Desk and Book Case 6.00.01
Pine Chest 30/ 1
Ditto 6/ 1 B.
Walnut Table 30/ 3.06.07
Chairs 19/6 1
Gun & Shott Bag L4.10.0 5.09.61
Wire Sifter 1, coffee Pott 12 ft, Cotton Cords 0 .12.02
Slays 9/. 1 Slay & 2 pr Harness 1.1.01
shaving Box 1, case razors & 1 Looking Glass 0 .10.02
Brass Candlesticks 6/. 1 Decanter 1 Tumber 3/. 0 .09.01
Earthen Dish, 2 Plates, 3 Saucers, 1 Cup & Mustard Pot 0 .05.06
Vials 3/ 1 tin pans 1 funnel & 1 pint measure 0 .10.03
Pewter Dishes 6 Plates 1 Bason & 8 Spoons & a Pepper box 0 .18.05
knives 9 forks 2 [gimetly?] & 1 pr phleams 0 .06.61
Chisel 1 Candlestick & 1 Toaster 0 .10.62
Water Pails 1 Hand Saw & 1 Shovel 0 .12.01
Grid Iron 6/.
1 Tea Kettle 6/ 1 pr ? ? 5/ 0.17.02
Jugs 4 Butter Potts & 1 Quart Bottle 1.01.01
[mans?] Laddle 1 [Wernacid?] Ditto & 2 Bridles 7.10.02
Ch. Potts 3/ 1 Bag & Full feathers 12/ 0 .15.01
Tribit. 1 Breadtray & 2 waiters 0.03.03
Tumblers 3/ 1 Hammer 1/Bridle Bit & pr Luciffers 0.04.64
Brushes 2 Shuttles & 1 yarning wheel 0.13.62
Potts 2 pr Pott Hooks 1 Pan 1 Dutch Oven 0.12.03
Barrels 0.03.0Total L195.05.06
Witness on hand this 16th day of August 1809: Thomas Hamlin, Samuel Usery and Hugh Wallace
At Court held for Lunenburg County the 12th day of October 1809. The within Inventory and appraisment of the estate of William Ussery, dec'd was returned for same to be recorded. teste
William Taylor cc Lunenburg Co., VA: (Usry Bul 7 pg 10) Court order, 10 Oct 1811, 21-28 Ordered, on motion of John Christopher that Sarah Ussery be summoned to December court to give counter security to indemnify the said John Christopher for her administration on the estate of William Ussery, deceased, he being in danger of suffering thereby.
Court order 21-32 14 Nov 1811: Ordered that John Christopher take the estate into his hands, Sarah Ussery having failed to appear.
Court Order 21-80 14 March 1812- John Wyatt is appointed Guardian of John Ussery, William Ussery, Nancy Ussery and Sally Ussery, orphans of William Ussery, deceased. Gave bond and security.
Court Order 21-95 15 May 1812- John Ussery for the benefit of Robert Blake vs Joseph Dennman and Stephen Orgain, defendants. Same judgment as before.
Order Book 21-288 8 Apr 1813: John Ussery, William Ussery and Sally Ussery, heirs of William Ussery, deceased, by John Wyatt their Guardian and next friend, Sally Ussery, widow and administratrix of the said William Ussery. In Chancer: A report of the persons appointed to carry into effect the interlecutory decree presented in this cause was this day returned and the same follows in these words to wit: Pursuant to the within order we have proceeded to sell the three negro slaves therein mentioned and have made distribution of the proceeds of the said sale between the widow of the said William Ussery, deceased, and his four children, John, William, Nancy and Sally, alloting to the widow one third part of the proceeds of the said sale, her proportion being sixty-eight pounds and four pence to hold during life and have taken her bond and security to refund the principal after her death. We have also alotted to the said widow one-third part of the personal estate of the said William Ussery, to hold as her absolute property, her proportion of which was 25 pounds. The residue of the proceeds of the said sale and of the other personal property we have paid into the hands of John Wyatt, Guardian of the children of the said William Ussery, of 136 pounds......of the sale of other personal propery, Given to each child 46-10-11. Hannah and child to James Neblett, John ( a boy) to William Buford. Signed: Thomas Adam, Thomas Orgain, James Neblett. Accepted by the Court.
O rder Book 21-284 11 May 1816: Sarah Ussery, Administratrix of William Ussery, Plaintiff, in Chancery, against John Ussery, Nancy Ussery, William Ussery, and Sarah (Sally?) Ussery, infants of William Ussery, by Thomas Adams, Guardian, Defendants. For reason appearing to the court, the suit dismissed. Children of William and Sally Williams Ussery:John Welcome Ussery, Nancy Ussery, William Ussery, Jr., Sally (Sarah) Williams Ussery, Pleasant Ussery.

Records in Virginia

From Lunenburg

Deed 18-21 Apr 12 1798: William and Sally Ussery to John C. Christopher, 100 acres for 50 pounds.
Order Book 17-353 of 1798: William Ussery vs. William Marable
Order Book 18-91 Aug 1800: William Ussery vs Matthew Hubbard; suit dismissed
Deed 19-1 Jan 13 1803: William and Sally Ussery to William Webb
Deed 20-39 Sept 13 1804: Will and Sally Ussery to Pleasant Ussery, 280 acres Crooked Run Crk
Deed 21-33 Jan 8 1807: to Pleasant Ussery from William and Sally Ussery
Deed 21-62A April 9 1807: William and Sally Ussery to John Christopher
  1. Public Member Trees: (Note: not considered a reliable primary source).