Person:John Ussery (5)

m. Abt 1725
  1. William Ussery1725 - 1787
  2. John UsseryAbt 1729 - 1814
  3. Welcome Ussery1733 -
  4. Thomas Ussery, Esq.1740 - 1811
  • HJohn UsseryAbt 1729 - 1814
  • W.  Elizabeth (add)
  1. David UsseryAbt 1757 -
  2. William UsseryEst 1758 to 1763 - Bef 1809
  3. Nancey UsseryAbt 1764 - 1811
  4. Elizabeth UsseryBef 1766 -
Facts and Events
Name John Ussery
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1729 Brunswick or Hanover County, Virginia
Death? 1814 Montgomery County, North Carolina

Land Records

ANSON CO, NC - Deed BookH #1 page 53-1756- John Ussery to Thomas Ussery, both of Anson - SW side of Cheeks Creek, from sd John Wood to John Ussery dated 1756. s/John Ussery Test: Wm. Ussery/S. Gross/ Sarah Ussery
ANSON CO. -Deed Book 3 page 60--August 8 1763-Frederick Touchstone and Rose his wife; Christopher and Stephen Touchstone all of the county of Anson Planters---to John Usery of the province of North Carolina Planter---------two tracts or parcel of land being in county and state aforesaid that which was granted to John Francis by his majesty's letter patent dated June 20th 1746 and by the said Francis conveyed to Richard Touchstone and by the said Richard conveyed and bequeathed to Frederick, Christopher, beginning on the North side of Great Pee Dee River-------containing 300 acres---------the other tract was granted to Henry Touchstone----conveyed to Frederick and Christopher beginning on the So. side of little river. s/Frederick Touchstone/Christopher Touchstone/Rose R. Touchstone and Stephen Touchstone. Test: John Williams and Chas. Robinson
ANSON CO -Deed Book 3 page 67 Jan 22 1763--Peter Presley to John Usery---both of Anson county---certain tr. of land on the no. side of Great Pee Dee River----granted to Thomas Homes patent dated 1749. s/Peter P. Presler. Test: J. Denson and James J. Shephard.
LUNENBURG CO.,VA: Jan. 23, 1764 Ambros Williams and John Ussery are petitioned.
ANSON CO. - Deed Book 5 page 23 May 15 1766 John Wood to John Ussery, both of Anson County----for 110 pounds prov. money----a tr. or parcel of land lying in Anson county on the west side of Great Pee Dee River on Cheeks Creek the water of Little River------granted unto him patent date Sept 1756. s/John Wood. Test: W. Ussery/ Luke Robinson/ Christian Robinson
ANSON CO., NC - Sept. 23, 1766, Land Warrant No. 517 - for 100 acre plantation upon Pee Dee at the mouth of Little River to John USSERY from His Excellency William Tryon, Esquire, Captain-General, Governor and Commander in Chief, in and over the said Province.
ANSON CO., NC - Tax List 1767:
Elizabeth Ussery 500 acres
Joshua Ussery 300 acres
David Ussery
John Ussery, Sr. 300 acres
Thomas Ussery, Esq. 240 acres.
ANSON CO - February 12, 1767 survey for 150 acres at Buffalo Creek east of Little River beginning at a Water Oak on the upper side of said Creek said to be Charles Robinson’s upper corner and runs thence as his line S. 65 E. 51 chains & 25 links to a White Oak then as his line S. 25 E 40 chains & 40 links then N 43E 31 chains and 70 links then N 47 W 10 and as a line said ___for William Pellum 66 chains and 60 links to a Black Jack then direct to the beginning. Surveyed for John Ussery this 12 Day of Feb. 1767. Robt. Edwards. Sur.
LUNENBURG CO., VA -Order Book 12, page 61, March 1767- John Ussery ordered to pay Elizabeth Trustee for four days attendance in court. (Elizabeth must have conducted business in Virginia on behalf of her husband)
ANSON CO - Land Grants: 23 Sept 1766 John Ussery 100 acres Upper Pee Dee River
No. 1134 (not clear) issued 22 December 1768 to John Ussery for 150 acres on Great Buffalo Creek. (Book 20 page 393 NC Archives)
12 Nov 1771 John Ussery 600 acres Upper side Creek
5 May 1778 John Ussery 640 acres N.E. of Pee Dee
ANSON CO., Deed Book 7 pg 285 Jan 23 1769- William Ussery to John Ussery both of Anson county--certain tr. of land in Anson county at the cross rds of P.D. and Cape Fear 100 acres granted to Thomas Randel 1763 s/ Wm. Usery Test: Solomon Gross/ James
ANSON CO., Deed Book 7 page 262 Feb 1, 1769- John Usery and Elizabeth his wife of Anson County to Wm Leak of county Buckingham Colony of VA 2 tr. of land on north side of Great Pee Dee, one being that granted to Thomas Homes conveyed by Homes to Thomas Coleman 1749 by sd. Coleman to his son John Coleman to Peter Brister (Presler) to John Usery 1762. s/ John Usery and Elizabeth Usery Test: Jno. Skinner Solomon Gross Rebeccah Mask
April 15, 1771- John Ussery petitioned Robert Palmer, Surveyor General of the Council Chamber regarding an error in survey. “The petition of John Ussery of Anson County setting forth that he is possessed of a Tract of Land patented by Thos. Holmes Ap. 7th 1749 in which by the Error of the Surveyor the 6th line is reversed from West to East as appears by a Resurvey now returned, and praying the Patent and Record may be altered agreeable thereto. Ordered it be altered accordingly.
The resurvey reads as follows: The above Trapezia represents a survey of land patented by Thomas Holmes for one hundred acres (as) of April 7, 1749 - on the NE side of the Pedee River therein Bladen County, now in Anson County. Beginning at a Hickary -John ______corner on the Rivers bank and running south to a line of marked trees then east 41 chains and 50 links then S.9.0 W. 25 Chains and 50 links then S.3.4 E. 10 Chains containing about..(the rest is unclear) Resurveyed for John Ussery the 15th of July 1771. R. Edwards, Sur.
ANSON CO - Land Grant No. 337 for 600 acres issued November 24, 1771 on the upper side of Cheek’s Creek (Book 24 page 1-NC Archives)
ANSON CO- January 29, 1779- 640 acres northeast of Pee Dee and southeast of Cheeks Creek surveyed.
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    John Ussery is believed to have been about 1729 possibly in present day Lunenburg Co, VA. or Hanover Co., VA. His parents were William and Minerva Mays Ussery. It is believed that John died in Montgomery Co, NC. His wife’s name was Elizabeth.